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Jet Age Museum – Video April 2016

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Lots of weather

But always a warm welcome in the Jet Age Museum

Jet Age Museum – April 2016

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Saturday 16 April 2016 with snow on the hills.

IMG_7654   IMG_7671
Vulcan B.2 XM569.    
IMG_7677   IMG_7679
Gloster Javelin FAW9 XH903    
IMG_7673   IMG_7698
Firestreak Drill Round    
IMG_7674   IMG_7699
IMG_7714   IMG_7683
Gloster Meteor NF14 WS807    
IMG_7686   IMG_7689

E28 Replica "W4041/G"

IMG_7693   IMG_7694
Gloster Meteor F8 WH364    
IMG_7701   IMG_7707
Meteors under a cloudy sky.    
IMG_7653   IMG_7656

Harrier T2 XW264

IMG_7662   IMG_7703


The Jet Age Museum
The Jet Age Museum

It Could Be A VForce Spring

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The rain cleared

And the sun came out at Midland Air Museum

Midland Air Museum – April 2016

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Saturday 02 April 2016

IMG_4718   IMG_4722
Strensham North Pitstop.   Tesco Full English – South Coventry.
IMG_4724   IMG_7430
Raining at the time.   Canberra T-17 WH646. Electronic Warfare Variant.
IMG_7428   IMG_7649
Gloster Meteor F-4 EE531.   Avro Vulcan B.2 XL360
IMG_7521   IMG_7450
Victor K1A XH582.   Blue Steel.
IMG_7467   IMG_7473
Gloster Javelin FAW5 XA669.   Hawker Hunter F-6A XF382
IMG_7479   IMG_7489
Sea Harrier FA2 ZE694   Sea Vixen FAW2 XN685.
IMG_7504   IMG_7507
Tornado GR4 and WE177 Nuclear Drill Round.   Fairey Gannet T-2 XA508.
IMG_7552   IMG_7551
F100D Super Sabre 54-2174.   F-101B Voodoo 56-0312.
IMG_7565   IMG_7575
Lightning F6 XR771 and Firestreak Missiles.   KSA Lightning T-55 55-713.
IMG_7527   IMG_7539
F-4c Phantom II 63-7699.   East German MiG-21 SPS 959.


Midland Air Museum
Midland Air Museum

Two Javelins and Ice

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One in a field

The other being rubbed down

The Black Pudding Beano

04/10/2015 Leave a comment

With mist

And real Autumn

All Three V Bombers

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Cold War Museum – RAF Cosford

Vulcan, Victor and Valiant

Jet Age Museum – Reflections

03/05/2015 Leave a comment

Fresh Painted

And reflecting

Jet Age Museum – April 11 2015

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Always worth a visit to this friendly and informative museum. The Vulcan is still being painted (should be ready by April 25 2015) and the second Javelin, well, that’s a lot of work.

IMG_8490   IMG_8491
As usual, guided by Waze. And Bagpuss.   Soggy to start.
IMG_6152   IMG_6153
Meteors in the Spring Sun.   Under the plastic is the cockpit of Vulcan B.2 XM569.
IMG_6157   IMG_6160
Gloster Javelin FAW9 Serial XH903.    
IMG_6164   IMG_6169
IMG_6175   IMG_6176
IMG_6179   IMG_6180
IMG_6185   IMG_6187
Gloster Meteor F8 – WH364.    
IMG_6188   IMG_6190
More Javelin.    
IMG_6196   IMG_6197
And outside.    

March Museums 2015 – Day 04 City of Coventry

10/03/2015 Leave a comment

Peeking over the hedge

XL360 on a grey and overcast day

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