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The Jet Age Museum – January 2017

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A frosty Saturday morning

In January 2017

Frost and the First

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The first Mini Beano of 2017 #mb01

It was rather frosty

The Jet Age Museum – January 2017

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On a frosty Saturday morning, 21 January 2017.

IMG_8155edit   IMG_8158
Mostly Gloster Aircraft   As it is just outside Gloucester
IMG_8157   IMG_8159
Time Capsule   Shackleton, Vulcan and Airbus landing gear
IMG_8160   IMG_8162
Frosty Meteors   Gloster Meteor T7 WF784
IMG_8164   IMG_8166
And a night fighter variant   Just above freezing
IMG_8168   IMG_8171
Vulcan B.2 XM569   In the Winter Sun
IMG_8174   IMG_8175
IMG_8176   IMG_8177
Gloster Javelin FAW 9 XH903   Firestreak Infra Red Homing Missle
IMG_8181   IMG_8185edit
IMG_8186   IMG_8188
Gloster Meteor F.8    
IMG_8190   IMG_8194
Gloster Gamecock, The RAFs last wooden, biplane fighter   Reflections


The Jet Age Museum
The Jet Age Museum

Vulcan and Euros

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Cold War Jets

Football and Politics

Jet Age Museum – June 2016

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Saturday 25 June 2016

IMG_8014   IMG_8023
This is new.   Trident 3B – G-AWZU.
IMG_8024   IMG_8025
Meteor and

Harrier T2 XW264.

  Armstrong-Whitworth Meteor NF14 Serial WS807.
IMG_8026   IMG_8033
AVRO VULCAN B2 XM569.   Gloster Javelin FAW9 Serial XH903.
IMG_8038   IMG_8041
Firestreak inert round.    
IMG_8045   IMG_8046

Gloster Meteor F8 Serial WH3644.

IMG_8057   IMG_8058
Gloster Meteor T7 Serial WF784.   The museum.


Jet Age Museum - Gloucester UK
Jet Age Museum – Gloucester UK

Jet Age Museum – Video April 2016

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Lots of weather

But always a warm welcome in the Jet Age Museum

Two Javelins and Ice

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One in a field

The other being rubbed down

The Vulcan and The Queen’s Head

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The Jet Age Museum

And a classic English Country Pub

Sunny Jet Age Museum

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Saturday 08 August

IMG_2712   IMG_2716
Bedwas was Summery.   Tesco Extra Brockworth – Breakfastville.
IMG_2718   IMG_2719
And the till was down, no clubcard points.   Doing a @trafficsham
IMG_6872   IMG_6873
The sunny and reflective museum.   Gloster Meteor T7 WF784.
IMG_6878   IMG_6880
And tail first.   Gloster Meteor NF(T) WS
IMG_6882   IMG_6884
IMG_6886   IMG_6888
IMG_6893   IMG_6902
IMG_6903   IMG_6927
Gloster Javelin FAW9 – XH903 and Firestreak    
IMG_6912   IMG_6916
IMG_6922   IMG_6930


Map picture

Cold and Frosty War Jets – February 2015

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Free, excellent and very friendly, helpful staff.

Javelin FAW.9 XH903

Gloster Meteor F8 Serial WH364

IMG_8458   IMG_8459
Powered by Waze.   The screen defrosted.
IMG_1017   IMG_1018
Pit stop. Fuel and food. Tesco Extra Brockworth.   Full English with Club Card points.
IMG_5535   IMG_5426
And arrived.   Avro Vulcan B2 – XM569.
IMG_5432   IMG_5436
Gloster Meteor T7 – WF784.   Armstrong Whitworth Meteor NF14 – WS807.
IMG_5441   IMG_5467
Nose art shows two bird strikes.  

De Havilland Firestreak.

IMG_5486   IMG_5495

Javelin FAW.9 XH903.


Gloster Meteor F8 Serial WH364.

IMG_5532   IMG_8461
And so to inside.   With a gentleman who had flown in her.
IMG_8462   IMG_8465
IMG_8466   IMG_8467
IMG_8468   IMG_8469
IMG_1021   IMG_1020
Light refresh. Excellent Bar Manager   Little Whitcombe Premier Inn. Excellent staff.
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