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Cold and Frosty War Jets – February 2015

Free, excellent and very friendly, helpful staff.

Javelin FAW.9 XH903

Gloster Meteor F8 Serial WH364

IMG_8458   IMG_8459
Powered by Waze.   The screen defrosted.
IMG_1017   IMG_1018
Pit stop. Fuel and food. Tesco Extra Brockworth.   Full English with Club Card points.
IMG_5535   IMG_5426
And arrived.   Avro Vulcan B2 – XM569.
IMG_5432   IMG_5436
Gloster Meteor T7 – WF784.   Armstrong Whitworth Meteor NF14 – WS807.
IMG_5441   IMG_5467
Nose art shows two bird strikes.  

De Havilland Firestreak.

IMG_5486   IMG_5495

Javelin FAW.9 XH903.


Gloster Meteor F8 Serial WH364.

IMG_5532   IMG_8461
And so to inside.   With a gentleman who had flown in her.
IMG_8462   IMG_8465
IMG_8466   IMG_8467
IMG_8468   IMG_8469
IMG_1021   IMG_1020
Light refresh. Excellent Bar Manager   Little Whitcombe Premier Inn. Excellent staff.
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