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Without A Spoons

13/02/2022 Leave a comment

The M5 North just as it’s getting light on a Saturday morning. Kidderminster which is full of hills and roundabouts. Blowy with lots of expensive supermarket petrol. The Premier Inn car park is pay too. No Spoons and no Central Costa. Luckily the Swan opened at 10:00. Unluckily the WiFi was down.

What a find the Beer Emporium is. Extremely friendly welcome. Cask, Keg, Cider, Bottles and Cans. FTTC WiFi too. A must come back.

For Saturday 12 February 2022

12/02/2022 Leave a comment

The Saturday Wrap for 12 February 2022. Classic sandwiches, Android and Windows patching, Tumble opinion, The Beer House is back, mb02, 5G Pelican and Warehouse, too much, Wales, mb03. #Kidderminster #SaturdayWrap

Back To The Warehouse

11/02/2022 Leave a comment

Feeling rather strange, however Doombar had no adverse effect. It’s a short hop across the bridge from The Lord High Constable of England to Warehouse 4. New SSID in Warehouse 4, just a password, which is good. Lovely smell of malt, as it a brewing day.

20220210 mb02 Day 02 Wrap

11/02/2022 Leave a comment

RR Editing, Slow MBP, Pleasant Winter Walk, POW & FM both have The Rhona, More Pelican Beer Fests and maybe a little too much. #mb02

Pleasant Winter Walking

11/02/2022 Leave a comment

A Rene Ritchie edited Day 01 video. I need a faster Mac. The Costa App is still very confusing and a pleasant walk to The Regal, for February that is. Ales from 08:00 and FTTC WiFi speeds and then Erich gets the Rhona. Here in Wales. Chuck gets it for the second time. More Beer Festivals scheduled for The Pelican.

DT: Thursday Night Updates

11/02/2022 Leave a comment

For Thursday 10 February 2022



20220209 mb02 Day 01 Wrap

10/02/2022 Leave a comment

Gloucester, mb02, Contact lenses and laces, Office 365 updates, Sainsbury mask, free Costa Coffee, Welsh Ales in England, Virgin doesn’t like the rain.

DT: Wednesday Night Updates

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For the night of Wednesday 09 February 2022



The Broken Lace Beano

10/02/2022 Leave a comment

That Feeling When you bought new laces the Saturday before and then they break just before your Beano starts.

for that matter. Will Pepsi please redesign their Cherry and Raspberry Pepsi Max bottles please. The only thing that looks like a Pepsi Max Bottle should be a Pepsi Max Bottle? Bagdy Conwy in England.

The Pelican where they subscribe to American Untappd Pubs and the Virgin Internet doesn’t like the rain. However it soon came back and the Fine Ales were very Fine. Good Days.

A Gentle Sunday

30/08/2021 Leave a comment

Time just disappears, another cool start. Full English with a revised menu, in The Kings Fee to start. Cask Ale at 09:00 and the joy of the Internet. Meeting people IRL and it was wonderful. And yes, I the beers I post I fully drink. I’m not a ticker.

Lessons, this time this year in much like this time last year. Be safe, make the most of it whilst you can. The Sun Light shining throught your Bier at the Hereford Bier House is something to remember. And, only time will tell.

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