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February 2022

01/03/2022 Leave a comment

The month of:-

A New Microwave but not at 22:00
Another 18 months
Everything Up
Revised Beano
One too many
Kidderminster Beer Emporium
The Joy that is OneDrive
DU Meter
Dudley a dud in the LRV
Same day wiper blade
New Cans
Red Eunice
Yellow Franklin
Watch Strap
War in Ukraine
20p on Chips
Blue / Purple Beer
Mow Lawn
Patch Lawn
Plant Lemon Basil and Spring Onions
Liz Truss

Coming in March 2022

Another Year
App subs month

Garden – February 2022

27/02/2022 Leave a comment

At almost the end of February 2022 and very little has been done. Although I have bought a bag of compost and a lawn repair kit. I’m going to mow the lawn today and plant Lemon Basil and Spring Onions. They will go in pots on the inside window sill. The chitting is coming on nicely and meteorological Spring starts on March first. Hoping for better weather but mostly rain is forecast for the first week of March.

For Saturday 26 February 2022

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The Saturday Wrap for 26 February 2022. Booking Beanos, Franklin, Pi, Watch strap and tool, expensive Hereford, UpNote, War, Fuel prices, Spring, compost and lawn repair. #Newport #SaturdayWrap

For Saturday 19 February 2022

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The Saturday Wrap for 19 February 2022. mb03, Kidderminster Beer Emporium, OneDrive Woes, DU Meter, Forgotten, Same Day Wiper Blade, Ponty goes Red, Big Jet TV. #Bedwas #SaturdayWrap

20220213 mb03 Day 02 Wrap

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Rainy days, Premier Inns, Pub opening times, POS and WiFi down, Micro Pubs and Taprooms, revisit. #mb03

DT: Sunday Updates

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For Sunday 13 February 2022



The Other Optimised Start

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Start the day with a Premier Inn all you can eat. Remember that Costa Coffee and Premier Inn are owned by the same people. Search for a Pub to start the day. That’s where Spoons was so handy. In the end it was Pennies which used to be a Spoons.

On and mostly up to The King & Castle as the rain continued to fall. It was very warm and the POS system and WiFi were down. However a great welcome. Luckily the train station next door had a cash point. So the Fine Ale drinking continued.

A Chippy open on a Sunday and a Real Ale Bar on the way to The Bear & Wolf. It’s all saying second visit. Maybe with a later start?

20220212 mb03 Day 01 Wrap

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Blowy, M5, Parking apps, No Spoons, No Central Costa, A wedding at The Swan, The awesome Beer Emporium. #mb03

DT: Saturday Updates

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For Saturday 12 February 2022



Without A Spoons

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The M5 North just as it’s getting light on a Saturday morning. Kidderminster which is full of hills and roundabouts. Blowy with lots of expensive supermarket petrol. The Premier Inn car park is pay too. No Spoons and no Central Costa. Luckily the Swan opened at 10:00. Unluckily the WiFi was down.

What a find the Beer Emporium is. Extremely friendly welcome. Cask, Keg, Cider, Bottles and Cans. FTTC WiFi too. A must come back.

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