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August 2021

31/08/2021 Leave a comment

The month of:-

A Single Red Tomato
Android from Three to Tesco
Cheaper iOS Three
Stinky Carpark
Tesco SIM arrives
Complete by the 05th
Earlyish Transfer
Level Zero Mixture
The dark, wet journey to work
And now misty
Deep Clean
Service and MOT
In a Few Minutes
Terry’s back in Kabul
More expensive Dual Fuel
Closed Floors
Craft and a Steam Engine
A week of Beanos
The Postal Order before it closes
The Great Beer Hazy Jane shortage except in Hereford
Gloucester Brewery Video
Glassware and Earthenware
In the corner, in the sun
Foursquare Pal
100 Pi
The end of Summer

Coming in September 2021

No Oktoberfest
Another Lockdown

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July 2021

01/08/2021 Leave a comment

The month of:-

Worried about De Bruyne
Cardiff Bay
Peppers Planted On
Boris announces the 19th
England Win
Mason Mount
Bringing the Prelude up to speed
Not Coming Home
MOT & Service booked
Not exactly Freedom
Drag It Out Drakey to Level 0
Cloud PC
Tales from the Riverbank
The Coach
Severe Heat Warning
iOS 14.7
Ordering Summer Onions
Eating Summer Onions
iOS 14.7.1
The Otley

Coming in August 2021

At the Bar in Wales
Bank Holiday Beanoing

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June 2021

30/06/2021 Leave a comment

The month of:-

Apple TV 4K 2021 and new HDMI cable
Jab #02
Foursquare IFTTT restarts
Cardiff like Newport
WWDC 2021
Half the Internet goes down
Slug pellets
Lemon Basil and Mint
BrewDog Letter
4.5 TOG
Another 4 weeks
Wales beat Turkey
More iCloud storage
Craft Republic
Wales through
No Chips in The Tumble
Plus Plus
Windows 11
Petulant Wales off
England Beat Germany
Planting Out Peppers

Coming in July 2021

Out of Lockdown again?

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May 2021

31/05/2021 Leave a comment

The month of:-

Tomatoes, Peppers, Cucumbers and Spring Onions
More Apple updates
Billg getting a divorce
The Battle of Jersey
Booking Beanos
Doge SNL
Bamboo Socks
Edge on Linux
Working on Cardiff
Elon crashes Cryto
Prepping The Tumble
Ty and a Pizza
The FA Cup
Bye Bye Foursquare to Google Calendar
Back inside The Tumble
Google IO snooze fest
Huge Crypto Crash
Another invite
The first emergency beano of the year
Backup Sunday
iOS, tvOS and Big Sur again
The Tumble goes FTTC
Sleepy Belgian
13.5 TOG

Coming in June 2021

The longest day
Out of Lockdown fully?

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April 2021

30/04/2021 Leave a comment

The month of:-

Periscope closes
Sunny Good Friday
Planting holes
Hacksaw Ridge
Blizzards & Sun
Phil The Greek
BBC over the top
Planting Strawberries
A week of frosty mornings
Getting lighter
Doge goes to the Moon
26 more
Anti-Life Breach
European Super League
Spring Loaded
ESL falls
Boiler service
Lettuce Planting
A touch of sun burn
Radish & Mint
10K Karma
Postal vote
Back to The Tumble
iOS 14.5 and other Apple OS Updates
Apple TV Calibration
A Burger in the Rain

Coming in May 2021

Welsh and English indoor Pubs reopen

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March 2021

01/04/2021 Leave a comment

The month of:-

Garden digging St David’s Day
Budget & £100 Contactless
Twt Lol
Pint Cans
More Digging
More Apple updates
Semi Secret Birthday
Click & Collect Compost
A Letter arrives
Murray Walker
Scarify & Patch
Planting Seeds
Unexpted Kindness
Bags ready
Non essential but only in Large Stores
Planting Premiere (First Early)
Vaccine fairness
6 more
More Compost
Hottest Day
Bap Daps

Coming in April 2021

English Pubs open outside
Welsh Pubs open outside?

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February 2021

01/03/2021 Leave a comment

The month of:-

Apple TV+
Big Sur 11.2
More Alt Coins
Mini Beast from the East
Band of Brothers – Plex
Semi Springlike
Planting in the rain
Episode 10 revisited
A New Decade
Spring Onions
Boris has a plan
Covid causes hair loss
Another Big Sur Update
Mow lawn
Started to dig the garden
Trangia Bacon and Burger

Coming in March 2021

Another year

January 2021

01/02/2021 Leave a comment

The month of:-

Cold mostly
More Alcohol less deodorant
UK Lockdown apart from the football
Brains Brewery to close?
Non in the Pub Annual Leave
CES 2021
Mow and Feed the Lawn
Ungoing Win 10 Update Blues
And rebuild
New rules. Frying Pans essential, seeds not
Vaccine in the fridge
Pushing a pool car
Storm Christoph
Bernie memes
Wetherspoons Vouchers arrive
Snow and lots of it
Lampard goes
iOS 14.4
Seed Potatoes arrived
Well Drawn

Coming in February 2021

For All Mankind – Session 2

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December 2000

01/01/2021 Leave a comment

The month of:-

Changed over
Early Christmas end of Pubs
The Tumble Shuts but 8 stay open
Thunder Snow
Apple on the 8th
William Shakespear
Test Stream
Another annoucement about an announcement
Live Stream
Punctured Can
Tier 4 into 2021
Amber Rain Warning
Short notice Tier 4 Christmas Cancellation
Europe Cut Off
Mutant Wales
2nd Variant
Christmas Eve Outdoor Service
Belgian Beer Christmas
Storm Bella
Big Sur update blues
Frost no heating back to work
Minus 4.8c
Lockdown NYE

Coming in January 2021

CES 2021 Online
Boiler Service

November 2020

01/12/2020 Leave a comment

The month of:-

English Lockdown announced
Welsh Fire Break easements announced
Exeter cancelled and refunded
15 TOG
Incomplete Welsh out of Fire Break guidance
Emergency Non Pub Beano
And all the Summer Onions are in
iOS 14.2 which breaks Google Authenticator
Points not cash
The last mow of the year?
Authenticator fixed
The Fire Break Ends
3 Hour Spoons
Kidney Pouches
3 x SA Macs and Big Sur
5K Karma
Emergency Newport Beano
Still issues with the trains
Solid Bubs
Unforeseen circumstances
Weed and feed
Cold Buses and Pubs
BrewDog Monday
An Announcement without an Announcement
Fast Battery Service
Changing over
Even faster collection

Coming in December 2020

Closed Pubs

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