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November 2018

01/12/2018 Leave a comment

The month of:-

Loka Ice Bucket
Chrome 70
Blank and Black
More protection
Not project managed
11 11 11
Pressure warning
Lots of Politics
Sleepy Saturday
Mac Updater
New Woodland
No Bacon
All the Summer is In
Unofficial welsh Language Do

Coming in December 2018

LoLffest 05
Merry Christmas

October 2018

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The month of:-

Strange Dreams
Battery meter strangeness
Wessex October 2018 #mb09
Audio issues
Train Strikes and Pavilions
No Bacon
In The Doghouse
Oreo 8.0.0
Wither G+
iOS 12.0.1
Indian October
Amber rain
XS minus mp3
Double points
More cases
Double emergency
Foggy travel
Non Foggy
Ice Screen
New Carpet
Hot water bottles and thick socks
Compost and planting
15 TOG
Only one new Mini

Coming in November 2018


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September 2018

30/09/2018 Leave a comment

The month of:-

Bournemouth way
Pipes 10th
Melon Baller
Seems to like "Old Farty Bollocks" type of real ale and fry ups
Velvet Owl
The Big Apple Meh
Old Mudgie Arms
Full System Backup – nearly
Für Helene
iOS 12
Boiler passed
Not from S4C
Chrome OS 69 (no linux)
A home for my audio
10.5 TOG
Ice on the screen
No middle of the night coffee
Gloucester Brewery Oktoberfest
Back to 10:00

Coming in October 2018

Autumn Wessex
West Dorset CAMRA
Spoons Beer Fest
Otley Fest

August 2018

31/08/2018 Leave a comment

The month of:-

2 hours later
Uncommon symptoms
Facebook APIs
Payment in the pocket
Other People Matter
Dream Team
Bad Twitter Day (again)
Car Service
Unexpected Selfie
Same as it ever was
First Blue Danube’s of the year
Friends, The Otley and Fruit
Free as in beer
In the Mag
Cutting back
New widgets
This is the End
Costa Cola

Coming in September 2018

The month of Breweries
Gloucester Beer Fest

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July 2018

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The month of:-
Chinese Firmware
Smock washing
Swapping SIMs
It rained
McDonalds open Costa closed #mb07
Mist rain and sun
Child free
In The Doghouse
Melty Football
Hot journey home
Watering everything
Manning Land
Waistcoat Wednesday
Now 142
Slight rain
More Spring Onions
Saying one thing
2 71
Too early for RWAS
One fan and then another
First Tomato
Early morning outage
The Sun
Going to be expensive
All down one side

Coming in August 2018

Half a roof
DT 18/19
LoLfest 4

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June 2018

01/07/2018 Leave a comment

The month of:-

A damp start
No Kids, All Day Brunch and WCDT
2600 and Network down
Summer sleeps
WWDC and Chest Freezer
7,500,000 Seti
Drizzle in Penarth
Unlucky head
The Big Defrost
Updated eyes
Just before 09:00
News Explorer
No more Champers for you
5-0 and no points for all
Beelzebub and no payment
The last of the Tomatoes
50 MPH Zone
Cables and Tables
7 years generally
Vision and Payback
Your General 2K
Belgian with Belgian whilst tethering
Get out while you can
Pickles not the clutch

Coming in July 2018

Even more Wessex
In the Doghouse?
The WC DT Final

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May 2018

01/06/2018 Leave a comment

The month of:-

Frosty starts
Poor journalism and transport
Full of Potatoes
Sunny two breweries
Plum Tree scar
Worldwide ban again
1803 x 2
Tigger RIP
Driving in the light
Chromebook and energy
Lost and early finish
A few more spuds
Backroads and acoustic shock
Tweetbot 3 for Mac
Beano, draft and reset
The End
Forms and from the beginning
4.5 TOG
Maybe the MAC?
Willy Knee
Rogue Amoeba Day
Not Direct
Buffet Kitten
Free Coffee and The Otley
Rainy bad timing with connectivity
Radishes and .be
Resolving Bank Holiday
#mb05 and no coffee

Coming in June 2018

A little bit of Wessex

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