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For Saturday 11 March 2023

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The Saturday Wrap for 11 March 2023. Snow, Drafts App, Old, mb02, Noagendasocial, Black Cat, Worst DT score, 60p extra, Free Chips, Lottery, No Snow, Snow, Rain and Private Parties, Sun. #SaturdayWrap #March2023 #Bedwas

Just Green

20230304 mb02 Day 01 Wrap

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Double Optimised start, great Tesco staff, carpark app, close Costa, tide out, Saturday morning TWiT, no cold Butter, noagendasocial down, The Awesome Black Cat, Premier Inn pleases.

WestonSuperMare #March2023 #mb02

Pre Premier Inn Full English

Cats On The Wall

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A double optimised departure and the carpark had an app, despite what the website said. Costa just around the corner from the carpark. Coffee and a Bacon Roll, of course.

Tip for the Cabot Court, order your food early, as it fills up quickly and gets very busy. However, Half FTTC WiFi.

Meanwhile The Black Cat Micro is Full FTTC and is full of the Finest of Cask and Keg. Note, it’s Card only. Big Crisps too.

Hazy at the Black Cat Micro

The Six Point Plan And The Black Cat

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I’m a bit behind with my Beanos. Mainly due to my Eye and the Winter cost of living. Also, with a touch of Rugby too. However, it’s back to Weston Super Mare for the first time since early 2017.  


Tescos in Trethomas for food tonight. It opens at 07:00, so it’s a double optimisation. There will be Chicken Salad sandwiches of course. Lovely lady who served me.

Lovely Lady who served me


Despite what the website said, there was an app. Really gentle journey to Weston Super Mare.

Have now downloaded the App


The best Costa Coffee is a close Costa Coffee and you can’t start a Quality Beano without Coffee and a Bacon Roll.

One of the many Costas in Weston


Found The Black Cat and then onto the local Spoons, The Cabot Court for Cask Ale and Breakfast.

A CAMRA voucher was deployed


Great Welcome

Superior Ales and Welcome. Full FTTC WiFi immediately puts it on the must revisit list.

My God it’s full hof Black Cats


It was mighty cold
No problem with Tomatoes

It was go, if mighty cold and YouTube blocked the Journal video. Music no doubt. Better go back so that I can redo the Journal video.

20230304 Prelude mb02 Weston Super Mare Mar 23

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An optimised departure but this time it’s for the opening of Tesco in Trethomas (07:00). The fact that it will be light then is a pleasant addition. Back to Weston Super Mare for the first time since 2017. However, this time there is only one Spoons. Park up in the multi storey and then it’s Costa and Spoons.

Catching up on Beanos in Weston Super Mare

#mb06 The Creators Sunday

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And a seaside Premier Inn

No Raw Tomato

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Sit down breakfast in Tesco Weston Super Mare

Tinned Plum Tomatoes and that’s your lot

DT: Saturday Afternoon Updates

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For the afternoon of Saturday 13 May 2017

Rank Manager Team GW Score TOT Points
1  same Gareth Yeo  Suicide Squad 66 2099
2  same Howard Whittingham  Pancho XI 60 1912
3  same Ian Page  Marching On Together 19 1875
4  up Scott Whittingham  Whitts Wanderers 54 1864
5  up craig price  A picnic…surely? 52 1862
6  down Niamhy Coveney  Niamhy’s Warriors 10 1855
7  same colin liston  Klump City 27 1821
8  same Leslie Withers  Little Troopers 37 1804
9  same Roger Nash  Ogg Vorbis United 28 1794
10  up Dave Birmingham  Osasuna or later 44 1764
11  same Dean Parry  Parrysgoldenballs 37 1757
12  down Tyrone Olding  Spartak Ponty 18 1752
13  up danny wyman  Pooh Bears 30 1744
14  down Dale Parker  Saunders Valve 18 1738
15  same Mark Begley  Watchuself 29 1726
16  same Tony Norton  Nockers Knights 29 1643
17  same Chris Bailey  Vidre Dubrovnika! 33 1643
19  down Matthew Norton  DutchOven 10 1586
20  same Howell Lewis  Olivier’s Army 44 1568
21  same rhys linton  Rhys 11 20 1440

Back and Forth

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Along the promenade

Wishing for a better memory

#mb01 – Day 03 – Chilly By The Sea

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A new Premier Inn

Same great Full English

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