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It Ended with Rain

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A Bank Holiday Monday

In Summer 2015

Music This Month – August 2015

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Justified and Ancient – The KLF
The Logical Song – Supertramp
One of these days – Pink Floyd
Dancing in the moonlight (live) – Thin Lizzy
Norwegian Wood – Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush
Great Adventure (live) – Magnum

August 2015

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August 2015

The month of:-

£3.00 Scotch Egg
DITH returns
I Paid (in French)
Closed roads
Every four years
No clubcard points
Win 10
Sunny Daf
Queen’s Head
Grumpy and the Bunker
Filters and cashback
The can sale
Pictures of taps
Rainy Gurnos
Lighting my way
All in a day
No hot inlet
Good teeth and swapping teams
Lots of tap work
Match making
Brewfest Cardiff 2015
Rainy Bank Holiday

Coming in September 2015

MOT and service
Tank Museum the return
Penarth and craft

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Cardiff Brewfest 2015 Mostly

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Spoons (various) to start

The Depot to finish

Not Really Summer

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It got better

But the day after, well

No Plumber

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So Spoons

And gravity fed ales

Held by the Fridge

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Full of fine craft ales

And a rather big padlock

The Vulcan and The Queen’s Head

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The Jet Age Museum

And a classic English Country Pub

DT: Saturday Afternoon Updates

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For the afternoon of Saturday 08 August 2015

Position Team  Manager  GW  TOT
1 Bottom but one  craig price  22 22
2 Suicide Squad  Gareth Yeo  20 20
3 Pancho Villa  Howard Whittingham  18 18
4 Echo XI  Steve Lane  17 17
5 BSD City  Roger Nash  16 16
5 Max’s Millions  Carl Price  16 16
7 Vidre Dubrovnika!  Chris Bailey  14 14
7 Watchuself  Mark Begley  14 14
9 Saunders Valve  Dale Parker  13 13
9 Spartak Danzak  danny wyman  13 13
11 Flamingo FC  Scott Whittingham  10 10
11 Little Troopers  Leslie Withers  10 10
11 Klump City  colin liston  10 10
11 Ajax Spray & Wipe  Dave Birmingham  10 10
15 Unstoppable  Dean Parry  8 8
16 The Glory Boys  Mark Lonney  7 7
17 Olding On  Tyrone Olding  6 6

Sunny Jet Age Museum

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Saturday 08 August

IMG_2712   IMG_2716
Bedwas was Summery.   Tesco Extra Brockworth – Breakfastville.
IMG_2718   IMG_2719
And the till was down, no clubcard points.   Doing a @trafficsham
IMG_6872   IMG_6873
The sunny and reflective museum.   Gloster Meteor T7 WF784.
IMG_6878   IMG_6880
And tail first.   Gloster Meteor NF(T) WS
IMG_6882   IMG_6884
IMG_6886   IMG_6888
IMG_6893   IMG_6902
IMG_6903   IMG_6927
Gloster Javelin FAW9 – XH903 and Firestreak    
IMG_6912   IMG_6916
IMG_6922   IMG_6930


Map picture
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