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20230430 mb05 Day 02 Wrap

01/05/2023 Leave a comment

After getting up I looked out of the window and it was Red Sky Shepherds warning. Half and hour later it was raining. At 07:00 for breakfast it had eased off but it was still day. It was a Brewer’s Fayre and they had the old style conveyor belt toast maker and it was spot on first time. New craft cans in The Posset Cup and they are both winners.

Gentle rain on the way to The Siren’s Calling. More YouTube comments, this one why did my Prelude appear in his recommendations. Mild and ESB to start, both on Cask. And to end a Cantillon Gueuze.

And we are done but it’s dry today

Tiny Birthday Blogging

18/02/2023 Leave a comment

February is the month when you start to notice lighter mornings and evenings. Myself, I could do with double lighter mornings and forget the evenings. It’s all about the early morning starts to Beanos and driving in the dark on unlit roads is not my bag. However, February is also the month of Tiny Rebel’s birthday and this year they are eleven. So, maybe not on the exact day but it’s off to their Newport Bar to try out their Birthday Brews.

Drizzle outside

The Birthday Ales from the Left and the Right. All Keg.

Left Hand Side

And from the other end of the bar.

Right Hand Keg

They say Blue, I say Green and not exactly sour

Blue Razz Hard Candy Ice Sour

And time for a quick pit stop.

Better than a picture of the toilet itself

So, is there a rule that birthday beers need extra long names? The second beer was Cookie Dough Biscuit Mix Millionaire Shortbread. It really tasted of cookie dough and I really liked it.

Food Based Birthday Beer

And on to my last Birthday Ale as I was getting sleepy and I met someone from the Internet IRL. Fruit based beer for the old man with the loyalty app please?

Peach Ice Tea IPA

So I left with still five Birthday beers left to try.

For Saturday 05 November 2022

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The Saturday Wrap for 05 November 2022.  Ventura, Pepper, tvOS, Beanos, GMT, Movie Pro, Selection Box, Untappd, Storm Claudio, Hancock, Club TWiT, Spoons Cans, Bounty, Interest Rates and a homegrown Carrot.   #SaturdayWrap #November2022 #Bedwas

For Saturday 05 November 2022

Brew Monster Taproom – September 2022

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It’s not all about the beers, it’s about the welcome, the ambience and of course the WiFi. This is where the Brew Monster Taproom really scores. Additionally it is in the centre of town with good public transport links. Now if I could only get them to open at 09:00 on a Saturday morning? Well, I can dream. 

Music by AudioCoffee from Pixabay

The Early Republic

22/08/2021 Leave a comment

Rain all day with a Thunderstorm alert. The Great British Summer at it’s very best. I’d forgotten how fast The Sir Samuel Romilly’s (Barry Spoons) WiFi was. So the Saturday Wrap went up in 1080p. Left The Sir Sam at 10:50 hoping to get in The Craft Republic at 11:00. Turns out it is 12:00 that they open. However they have a Steam Railway next door. Returned to The Sir Sam to drink Cask Ale from Llantrisant.

12:00, still raining, Steam Train gone and an awesome welcome from the Craft Republic staff. The Goodsheds WiFi was working but it is very slow. ThreeUK, some signal but again very slow. In the end I ended up tethering to my Tesco SIM, which was rather good. Lot’s of the finest of Fine Ales, yet another T-shirt and a rather no fun journey back home on the train. Planning a non weekend visit to Craft Republic.

For Saturday 09 May 2020

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The Saturday Wrap for 09 May. 2020 Snaps, Jitsi rocks, Compost, VE 75, Sunny planting. From Bedwas #SaturdayWrap

Announce The Barcode

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One in each

And some Starbuck’s payment strangeness

Belgian Gorilla

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And Chimay

Cardiff Brewfest 2015 Mostly

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Spoons (various) to start

The Depot to finish

Craft Beer Day

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Two for a Fiver


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