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Tiny Birthday Blogging

February is the month when you start to notice lighter mornings and evenings. Myself, I could do with double lighter mornings and forget the evenings. It’s all about the early morning starts to Beanos and driving in the dark on unlit roads is not my bag. However, February is also the month of Tiny Rebel’s birthday and this year they are eleven. So, maybe not on the exact day but it’s off to their Newport Bar to try out their Birthday Brews.

Drizzle outside

The Birthday Ales from the Left and the Right. All Keg.

Left Hand Side

And from the other end of the bar.

Right Hand Keg

They say Blue, I say Green and not exactly sour

Blue Razz Hard Candy Ice Sour

And time for a quick pit stop.

Better than a picture of the toilet itself

So, is there a rule that birthday beers need extra long names? The second beer was Cookie Dough Biscuit Mix Millionaire Shortbread. It really tasted of cookie dough and I really liked it.

Food Based Birthday Beer

And on to my last Birthday Ale as I was getting sleepy and I met someone from the Internet IRL. Fruit based beer for the old man with the loyalty app please?

Peach Ice Tea IPA

So I left with still five Birthday beers left to try.

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