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The Early Republic

22/08/2021 Leave a comment

Rain all day with a Thunderstorm alert. The Great British Summer at it’s very best. I’d forgotten how fast The Sir Samuel Romilly’s (Barry Spoons) WiFi was. So the Saturday Wrap went up in 1080p. Left The Sir Sam at 10:50 hoping to get in The Craft Republic at 11:00. Turns out it is 12:00 that they open. However they have a Steam Railway next door. Returned to The Sir Sam to drink Cask Ale from Llantrisant.

12:00, still raining, Steam Train gone and an awesome welcome from the Craft Republic staff. The Goodsheds WiFi was working but it is very slow. ThreeUK, some signal but again very slow. In the end I ended up tethering to my Tesco SIM, which was rather good. Lot’s of the finest of Fine Ales, yet another T-shirt and a rather no fun journey back home on the train. Planning a non weekend visit to Craft Republic.

For Saturday 21 August 2021

21/08/2021 Leave a comment

The Saturday Wrap for 21 August 2021. Service and MOT, In A Few Minutes, Terry Taliban, Is it Edge, Extra Fuel costs, 5a, Closed, Sarsons, Autumn, Wallt the Walrus, A Better Plan. #Barry #SaturdayWrap

For Saturday 26 June 2021

26/06/2021 Leave a comment

The Saturday Wrap for 26 June2021.  Barry and Craft Republic, Wales and the Euros, Longest Day, Not Summer, No Chips in The Tumble, Internet renewal, VIPs, Windows 11, Mr Hancock. #Newport #SaturdayWrap 

Three Years And A Republic

20/06/2021 Leave a comment

Really three years since my last visit to Barry? Well Fourysquare and Swarm can’t be wrong. The Sir Sam was full of people having their Saturday Breakfast and figuring out how to use The Spoons App. Which in my opinion isn’t difficult but it is rather buggy. Also it’s had the Full FTTC upgrade so the Saturday Wrap wasn’t tethered. The real reason for the visit was to have a look at Craft Republic. Impressions, close to the Barry Railway Station, pleasant ambience, friendly staff and a great selection of beers and other alcoholic drinks. Downside, the WiFi was down and the ThreeUK reception was marginal. However, all in all, a must visit.

For Saturday 19 June 2019

19/06/2021 Leave a comment

The Saturday Wrap for 19 June2021. Penarth uniques, Wales drew, Copenhagen horror, 4.5 TOG. Another 4 weeks but not for everyone, more cask, booking Barry. Wales win, 2TB and Strawberries . #Barry #SaturdayWrap 

Not Quite Llandeilo

08/06/2019 2 comments

With a Hat Tip to retiredmartin and post Storm Miguel, it was off to Barry on the train. Which strangely is the same price as catching the train to Cardiff despite being further. Talking of Cardiff, here’s the view from Cardiff Central Platform 8. The “Tangy” Brewery.

The Old Brains Brewery, soon to be closed. The new brewery in Tremorfa is already open. Changing trains for the Barry Flyer.

Turn left for Barry Island and the seaside. Turn right for The Sir Samual Romilly. Barry’s Spoons. Currently building a larger Beer Garden.

It’s an old Cinema and it’s rather pleasant inside. Opens at 08:00 and the Bar opens at 09:00.

However the cask selection is rather poor. It looks like The Old Hooky is the pick of the crop.

Note the time, I did.

On to The Butterfly Collector, Google Maps was pretty close on the walking time.

Eclectic. A half of Black Flag Rum Porter from Tenby Brewing is a pretty good start. Free WiFi also helps.

Apparently you should write on the wall. Sharpie’s are now a thing in the UK. Please do not mention Magic Markers.

Lunch. I must say that the Butterfly Collector was rather quiet, which was a same as it’s a great, friendly little place. Use it or lose it Barry. Loved the umbrella.

Barry with Onions

08/10/2017 Leave a comment

To the Sir Sam

And then watching Mrs Teresa

Missing L

29/01/2017 Leave a comment

The coldest day of the year

And Spoons was missing an “L”

Barry Super Food

13/03/2016 Leave a comment

In the Sun

With the Chicks (Chocolate)


14/03/2015 Leave a comment

Barry in the rain

For the start of the Wetherspoon’s beer festival.

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