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Italy 2 – 1 Belgium #mb09

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2 Italian Sours to one from Belgium



However the Belgian one was from Cantillon

The Gueuze Museum – July 2015

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The Cantillon Brewery – Friday 03 July 2015

IMG_8671   IMG_8676
Where the magic takes place.    
IMG_8678   IMG_8679
The tasting area.   Quality merch.
IMG_8680   IMG_8682
Just walk this way.   Bottles.
IMG_8684   IMG_8687
The mash tun.   The boiler, one of two.
IMG_8689   IMG_8694
Where the wide yeast flies in.   And the fermentation happens.
IMG_8697   IMG_8699
Filtering.   And here the fruits are added.
IMG_8700   IMG_8705
Bottles.   Raw Lambic


The Cantillon Brewery
The Cantillon Brewery

The Gueuze Museum 2015

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Building Buildings

Building fine Lambics

Hopped To

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At Christmas

Hops are the way forward

Sour Tweets

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Santa on a Hangout

Lambic on a transatlantic tweet

Birthday Brewing

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By the Eurostar

To a brewday

Germany and Belgium

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Training for #GWBCF

By drinking German and Belgian ales

The English Tour

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The Cantillon Brewery and its brew day.

We brew lambic

In Thirds

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Spoons Autumn Beer Fest

And other bars are available

Brussels and Ghent

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Two cities

Mainly Lambic

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