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Music This Month – December 2014

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What to do with Michael – Candy Butchers
Fur Helene (Live) – Twelfth Night
Strange Way – Firefall
White Horses – Andrea Ross
Motorcycle Emptiness – Manic Street Preachers
The Dirty Truth – Joanne Shaw Taylor

December 2014

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The month of:-

Cyber 6 gigs
Santa with a box and arrested
Sony Hack
Cross platform Facebook crashing
No boil in the bag
Weather Bomb
Last Friday
No Bread
Update now
Wiper wobbles
Slow uploads
The smell of the barrels
Wifi and Exchange
Last minute change
Ghosts in the TV
c’est bon
More Turkey
Twitter wobbles due to frost?
I closed my eyes….


Coming in January 2015



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Thursday 18th December 2014

IMG_0649   IMG_0653
Emergency raw tomato.   Semi local Spoons – Paradise Place.
IMG_0655   IMG_0664
And it was festive.   And so was the Briar Rose.
IMG_0667   IMG_0672
Brewdog Birmingham. Cantillon Gueuze on draft.   And from the Brewdog Gent’s. Beer knowledge.

A Beano to Burton upon Trent

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Wednesday 17 December 2014

IMG_0619   IMG_0621
I love Premier Inns but this is my nemesis, the toast machine.   The all you can eat Full English.
IMG_0623   IMG_0624
Birmingham New Street, not the greatest of stations.   Burton was rather grey and damp.
IMG_0625   IMG_0626
The home of British Brewing seemed to be American.   However there seemed to be plenty of capacity.
IMG_0627   IMG_0628
Semi festive and in line with the beer theme.   The load Spoons. Great staff and welcome.
IMG_0633   IMG_0634
Great pub. Shame it wasn’t open until 16:00.   However The Roebuck was open.
IMG_0636   IMG_0641
Real wooden floor too, Mr Manning.   Couldn’t see the trees.
IMG_0643   IMG_0644
Beer theme at the station.   Hats off I say.

Post Christmas

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The trains started later

But there were trains

Pre Christmas

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So no change there them

Hopped To

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At Christmas

Hops are the way forward

Wooden Floor

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Where barrels look good

Train Instead Of Plane

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Birmingham instead of Newcastle

IMG_8431   IMG_8433
It was nippy   Very nippy
IMG_8435   IMG_0600
Newport – The Queens Hotel   Breakfast and carpet for Mr Manning
IMG_0604   IMG_0605
No flood   Platform 3
IMG_0606   IMG_0609
Delightful New Street Station – Birmingham   All gone festive!
IMG_0611   IMG_0610
Lunch mostly   Great staff, poor Internet

Tuesday 16 December 2014

No Coach B

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Birmingham not Newcastle

Train not plane

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