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Music This Month – April 2014

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Just What I Needed – The Cars
Neon Knights – Black Sabbath
Hold Your Head Up High – Argent
Every Rose Has Its Thorn – Poison
Love Spreads – The Stone Roses
Dry Your Eyes – The Streets

April 2014

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The month of:-

The garden finally dug
Christmas Onions
Raw 5
Service Stations
Cold War – In & Out
More Beefy Bonus
Mayor and Once A Year
The rain in Merthyr
The Measure of it
Maincrop in
Green and hairy
Onions in
Earlies in
The Only Sale
Easter soggy then sunny
YouTube on the Roku
Windows Mobile
New Firefox

Coming in May 2014


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Foggy and Sunny

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At short notice

With directions to the Pen & Wig

Craft Beer Day

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Two for a Fiver


No QR Yet

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Has been done

And coming soon

Twice As Much LTE

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Well devices really

And it worked well

The Only Sale

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Good Friday

Good Deal

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