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Cold War Museum The Video

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And this time

I remembered to actually take video

Cosford Cold War Museum–In and Out

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Poor Service Areas

IMG_8086   IMG_8087
Strensham – mostly a waste of time.   Frankley – slightly better.
IMG_2861   IMG_2863
Grey with a touch of drizzle.   The Gate.
IMG_2871   IMG_2900
The Gate Guardian.   Bristol Britannia 310.
IMG_2856   IMG_2940

Lockheed Hercules C130K Mk3 – XV202.


Lockheed SP-2H Neptune.

IMG_2948   IMG_3053

Hawker Siddeley Nimrod R.Mk.1 – XV249.


British Aircraft Corporation TSR 2 – XR220.

IMG_3074   IMG_3086

BAe Harrier GR9A – ZG477.

FMA 1A58 Pucara – ZD485.
IMG_3118   IMG_3162

Vickers Valiant B1 – XD818.


Handley Page Victor K2 – XH672.

IMG_3200   IMG_3174
Avro - 

Vulcan B2 – XM598.

  Skybolt and Blue Steel.
IMG_3223   IMG_3225
Polaris A3 – fully loaded (inert).   Polaris A3 – the full round.

Excellent Museum

Jet Age Museum

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A haircut, a sandwich

And a Vulcan

IWM Duxford–American Air Museum

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“Located at Duxford, England, the American Air Museum in Britain stands as a memorial to almost 30,000 U.S. Airmen who gave their lives flying from British shores in World War II in the defence of democracy and freedom”.

IMG_7342   IMG_7346
Designed by Norman Forster   The entrance to the rear
IMG_7347   IMG_7353
F-4J Phantom II   F-100 and tail of F-4J Phantom II
IMG_7357   IMG_7370
SR-71   B-17G minus chin mount fairing
IMG_7371   IMG_7373
C-47   P-51D
IMG_7375   IMG_7377
B-24M   Section of “Super Gun” – made in Britain
IMG_7408   IMG_7386
F-111E   Scud-B
IMG_7393   IMG_7395
SA-2 Guideline   U2
IMG_7392   IMG_7416
B-52D Tail Mount   And looking into the cockpit
IMG_7365   IMG_7412
Avenger   Rear of A-10 Thunderbolt 2

IWM Duxford–Around The Runway

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All along the runway

IMG_7322   IMG_7325
The layout   Junkers Ju 52
IMG_7326   IMG_7328
A rather green BAC One-Eleven   Bloodhound Mk II
IMG_7334   IMG_7335
VC-10 rear   VC-10 side
IMG_7338   IMG_7345
McDonnell Douglas F-15A Eagle   Würzburg radar
IMG_7339   IMG_7336
Gibraltar 9.2 inch Coastal Defence Gun Mk X   British commercial flight line

In a chill March wind

RAF Cosford Museum – March 2013

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With all three V Bombers

And an exit survey

Starting Over

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For 2012 that is

Beanoing like the wind

Tangmere Aircraft Museum

08/03/2012 1 comment

On a sunny spring day


IMG_5174   IMG_5192
Tangmere Aircraft Museum, just past Chichester   With a Sea Harrier on Gate Guard
IMG_5129   IMG_5138
Prototype Spitfire   And a Danish VB
IMG_5142   IMG_5146
High speed Hawker Hunter   I think it’s a Swift but my memory is failing
IMG_5153   IMG_5160
Another Hunter   English Electric Lightning
IMG_5166   IMG_5170
Same Lightning   UK FGR II with tail hook
IMG_5171   IMG_5172
Sea Vixen   Tangmere Memorial
IMG_5188   IMG_5176
Pill Box and Bomb Shelter   And back to the gate guard.


Well worth a look

Luftwaffe Museum

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It was so hot

IMG_4294   IMG_4295
Friedrichstrasse station   Spandau and the end of the line
IMG_4296   IMG_4298
Getting closer   Unusual gate guard
IMG_4301   IMG_4305
Hawk – Homing All the Way Killer   SA 2 Guideline
IMG_4317   IMG_4334
DDR Mig 23   Well it was an RAF base
IMG_4337   IMG_4342
Looks better from higher up   And another Brit
IMG_4343   IMG_4352
The refreshment stall was closed   Last flown here in 1993
IMG_4374   IMG_4404
Mainly missiles   Not quite the gate guard
IMG_4406   IMG_4407
The FAF base crest   The radomes


It took my breath away


Map picture
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