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Cosford Cold War Museum–In and Out

Poor Service Areas

IMG_8086   IMG_8087
Strensham – mostly a waste of time.   Frankley – slightly better.
IMG_2861   IMG_2863
Grey with a touch of drizzle.   The Gate.
IMG_2871   IMG_2900
The Gate Guardian.   Bristol Britannia 310.
IMG_2856   IMG_2940

Lockheed Hercules C130K Mk3 – XV202.


Lockheed SP-2H Neptune.

IMG_2948   IMG_3053

Hawker Siddeley Nimrod R.Mk.1 – XV249.


British Aircraft Corporation TSR 2 – XR220.

IMG_3074   IMG_3086

BAe Harrier GR9A – ZG477.

FMA 1A58 Pucara – ZD485.
IMG_3118   IMG_3162

Vickers Valiant B1 – XD818.


Handley Page Victor K2 – XH672.

IMG_3200   IMG_3174
Avro - 

Vulcan B2 – XM598.

  Skybolt and Blue Steel.
IMG_3223   IMG_3225
Polaris A3 – fully loaded (inert).   Polaris A3 – the full round.

Excellent Museum

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