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20191005 #mb14 – Day 03

06/10/2019 1 comment

The final wrap of #mb14 2019. The Oktoberfest 2019 Beano. The highlights day by day. Day 01 Rhubarb Custard Milkshake IPA and in the spirit of cross platform integration, David Spark’s Apple Book The Guide to Markdown. And yes, I see the irony there. Day 02 was the Gloucester Brewery Oktoberfest 2019 German Hat. You gave got to get into spirit of these things. Day 03 introducing a CAMRA member to the joys of Untappd. And then it was over.

Reading meets Germany with Onions

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Bacon Roll and Coffee, Obvs. Single Spoons with Lager. A Rugby Tank and a Dock Bridge up. Introduced a CAMRA member to Untappd. Finished (sort of) The German Ales and there was a fruit sour from Reading. Next year or Weymouth. The joy of choice. The joy of Beanoing.

A week of German Beers and a Hat

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The Saturday Wrap for 04 October 2019. October really is Autumn, mist, lack of Motorway lights and Computer systems that don’t talk to each other. On the plus side The Gloucester Brewery’s Oktoberfest 2019 and a hat.

20191004 #mb14 Day 02

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Rescued the Chicken Salad sandwiches, they were fine. Two Spoons with discount vouchers. Tank with an excellent Orange Beer. Day 01 of The Gloucester Brewery Oktoberfest 2019. Great German Ales and a free Oktoberfest Hat #mb14

In An Oktoberfest Hat

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Day 01 of The Gloucester Brewery’s Oktoberfest 2019. It rained a bit but we are are good in the rain. I was given a free Oktoberfest hat. The Ales were Fine and the excellent guy with the guitar from last year was back again. There was a burger and a German sausage. Tomorrow looks rather good as well.

20191003 #mb14 Day 01

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The Chicken Sandwiches (Tescos) left in the car. Almost no podcasts, always get a case. Drinking Club memebers and leaving doors open. Rhubarb Custard Milkshake Ipad and Fine Ales are Fine Ales.

Markdown Curry Thursday

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The practice day for #MB14 the Gloucester Brewery Oktoberfest. Suffering from lack of Motorway lights, computer systems that don’t talk and smokers that don’t close doors. However, some rather different Fine Ales, MacSparky’s Markdown guide and some Topcashback cashback. All ready for some Fine German Oktoberfest Ales tomorrow. It’s a drizzly end to the day.

DT: Thursday Night Updates

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For the night of Thursday 03 October 2019

Pos Team Goals Average Total
    Scored Points Points
1 Ponty Bloooobirds 32 64.7 453
  Ty Olding      
2 phils 11 35 64.3 450
  Phillip Linton      
3 He Who Dares Wins 33 60.3 422
  Matt Hoskins      
4 Show me da Mane 33 58.6 410
  Iwan Hoskins      
5 Cwtch me if you can 34 56.9 398
  Colin Davies      
6 KILLER12 26 55.6 389
  Steve Miller      
7 Monkins Machine 30 52.9 370
  Christian Morris      
8 Normski 21 52.6 368
  Andrew Norman      
9 JUDYS9 25 51.7 362
  Judith Miller      
10 Little Black Hen 27 51.3 359
  Andrew Norman      
11 Dyfpool Town 19 44.7 313
  Dyfan Thomas      
12 Egg Chasers 2 XI 20 44 308
  David Morgan      
13 Renegade Raiders 20 43.4 304
  Colin Davies      
14 chmod 777 23 37 259
  Roger Nash      
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#mb14 – Day 01 – The Start

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I don’t want to start off by moaning but it’s mostly what I do. However the cool almost coldness of Autumn is off the list as I rather like it. Driving north on the M5, why aren’t the junctions and entrances to service lit up. It’s very easy to go straight past them with the attendant chance of an accident. When you check in online to Premier Inn you give them your car registration number, then when you park in the car park of Gloucester Quays you have to register your car so they don’t fine you £85. Two different computer systems not talking to each other, great. However the Costa Coffee next to the Premier Inn, excellent and is The Regal (Spoons) in the City Centre.

Jet Age Museum

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A haircut, a sandwich

And a Vulcan

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