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20191004 #mb14 Day 02

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Rescued the Chicken Salad sandwiches, they were fine. Two Spoons with discount vouchers. Tank with an excellent Orange Beer. Day 01 of The Gloucester Brewery Oktoberfest 2019. Great German Ales and a free Oktoberfest Hat #mb14

#mb14 – Day 01 – The Start

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I don’t want to start off by moaning but it’s mostly what I do. However the cool almost coldness of Autumn is off the list as I rather like it. Driving north on the M5, why aren’t the junctions and entrances to service lit up. It’s very easy to go straight past them with the attendant chance of an accident. When you check in online to Premier Inn you give them your car registration number, then when you park in the car park of Gloucester Quays you have to register your car so they don’t fine you £85. Two different computer systems not talking to each other, great. However the Costa Coffee next to the Premier Inn, excellent and is The Regal (Spoons) in the City Centre.

The Block Comes To Summer

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Dreams Teams, Weather warning

And the Block Editor

Trying not to be This Week in Spoons

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Pre #Lolffest7

From my Coal Mine Booth

The Day The Wifi Went Down

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What to do

Had a sleep in

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The Rain Falls To The Right

19/01/2012 2 comments

But The Duvels are missing

And the QRs don’t work either


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You have to work, to earn the money to buy things.  You use the Internet to save some money.  They use a courier to deliver your goods.  They deliver during the day, when you are working, working for the money to pay for the delivery costs.  The courier puts a card through your door and takes your goods away.  Their depot is at least 10 miles away and on a very difficult to find industrial estate.  It will be freezing when you collect your goods.  This is City Link but it could be any courier.  I think there is a gap in the market here!!
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That was 2005

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It was the year of :-


Being there





Dr Who



Fun Fares

5% discount






BBC World/World Service


Tom Tom

Spoons Tour


The Blog

1 to 1




& The TCP/IP

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Boxing Day Joy

27/12/2005 Leave a comment
Cardiff 0 – 2 Plymouth
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The Telegraph

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OK, so the have a new layout but that’s no excuse for a 5p a day price increase.  You are a conservative newspaper so stay conservative and lose the price increase.  ps more Matt!!
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