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For Saturday 05 November 2022

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The Saturday Wrap for 05 November 2022.  Ventura, Pepper, tvOS, Beanos, GMT, Movie Pro, Selection Box, Untappd, Storm Claudio, Hancock, Club TWiT, Spoons Cans, Bounty, Interest Rates and a homegrown Carrot.   #SaturdayWrap #November2022 #Bedwas

For Saturday 05 November 2022

For Saturday 04 September 2021

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The Saturday Wrap for 04 September 2021. Hereford Beer House, friends and brothers, 100 Pi, grey Bank Holiday, Autumn and dark journeys, Brecon Brewing, PIA, Podcasts, Closure, Costa and Christmas Leave.  #Penarth #SaturdayWrap

2021 – The Year Ahead

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2021 – The Year Ahead
Covid will still be the big thing as in 2020 but with vaccines
Vaccine rollout will be slower than hoped for
Lockdowns will continue for far longer than expected
The Welsh Government elections in May will leave Wales even more fragmented
Wet led Pubs will take a battering
More Breweries will close
There will be more civil disobedience
New iPad Pros, Air Trackers and finally a new Apple TV
Windows Update process will still be poor
By Q3 all phones will be 5G capable
Apple will announce a M2 SOC
Podcasts will be even bigger, Amazon just bought Wondery
Stay-cations will be even bigger post Brexit and Covid
Cardiff City will still struggle
The move to my personal OneDrive

For 2019

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The review of 2019. Most ever Mini Beanos. Pubs of the Year. New tech. The Best 2019 Podcast and my new Podcast solution. Live from the Lower Rhymney Valley #2019Wrap

20191003 #mb14 Day 01

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The Chicken Sandwiches (Tescos) left in the car. Almost no podcasts, always get a case. Drinking Club memebers and leaving doors open. Rhubarb Custard Milkshake Ipad and Fine Ales are Fine Ales.

The Not In The Pub Saturday Wrap

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Live from Costa Coffee next to The Cardiff City Stadium

And there are no Bacon Rolls

As The Sun Goes Down

03/10/2012 2 comments


Taken on Tuesday 02 October 2012


IMG_6101   IMG_6102
Tea by the pool.   Leo and Tweetdeck.
IMG_6103   IMG_6104
Underneath the Palms.   Mainly me and the fountain.
IMG_6106   IMG_6107
One of the excellent staff.   Molly Wood and her rather strange microphone placement.
IMG_6109   IMG_6110
Just like the view.   And darker


Podcasts by the pool

#BTNB12–The Photos

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Maybe not the sharpest of photos


IMG_5761   IMG_5762
Not a good start to the day   A better start to the day @premierinn
IMG_5763   IMG_5764
Despite the rain, the drink cooling system was fully functional   Thanks to Mrs Rankin for arranging the Danish
IMG_5765   IMG_5767
The Scots were well out in force @brewdog   As to the left @paulwheatley
IMG_5769   IMG_5771
Mr screencastsonline @donmcallister   Mission control in the kitchen
IMG_5775   IMG_5776
@claw0101   @teresahummel closing here eyes and hoping the British rain will go away. @ewenranking on the mike
IMG_5785   IMG_5790
Seggage   Will Green @BritishMac
IMG_5791   IMG_5799
@BritishMac and a um friend?   Rain stopped?
IMG_5801   IMG_5802
Time for mead   Even the washing machine was plugged into the mixer


But I’m blaming the @brewdog

British Tech News Bash 2012

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In the rain

But all over the world

Delta Sierra

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But in a good way

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