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Music This Month – May 2015

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Talk of the town – The Pretenders
And You and I – Yes
Devils Answer – Atomic Rooster
Blinded by the light – Manfred Mann
Burn – Whitesnake
I turned to stone – Budgie

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May 2015

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The month of:-

1500 blog posts
Painted Vulcan
Euro sausage in the rain
Coffee and Belgian Beer memories
Dead and yet reborn
Reversing into bad
No Ed Balls
Good job for Plan B
Tomato planting
£1.29 Monday
Not Saturday, opening Monday
Superior Irish Tyres
They had a label on it
10.5 TOG
Tesco Petrol
Minus One
Google IO
Google Photos
Smock wash
Popped away

Coming in June 2015

Oneplus Two?
Mini Fest

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Confusing Breakfast

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In a Pop Up

Siting on a Keg

They Put A Label On It

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A rather nice Belgian Saison

With a label with my name on it.

Opening Monday

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Training on Saturday

Newport on Sunday

Pop Up

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And a Pop Up Tiny Rebel Bar

Post Tankage Ales

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Brewpub to start

Spoons to finish

DT: Saturday Afternoon Updates

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For the afternoon of Saturday 09 May 2015

Position Team  Manager  GW  TOT
1 Echo XI  Steve Lane  4 1,928
2 Max’s millions  Carl Price  9 1,840
3 Slumdog Mignolet  Gareth Yeo  15 1,753
4 Lastpass  Roger Nash  11 1,749
5 Dean’s Dilf’s  Dean Parry  12 1,743
6 little troopers  Leslie Withers  14 1,717
7 Whitts Wanderers  Scott Whittingham  9 1,687
8 spartak danzak  danny wyman  12 1,656
9 Rhymney Bluebids  Alec Withers  14 1,613
10 The Untouchables  Mark Begley  8 1,528
11 The Glory Boys  Mark Lonney  7 1,522
12 Saunders Valve  Dale Parker  9 1,506
13 Evertoffees  Nigel Stephenson  5 1,504
14 Elite 11  Michael Roberts  11 1,308
15 Neil’s Norsemen  Neil Lintern  1 1,215
16 Gabalfa Rangers  Russell Calderwood  6 1,018
17 Vidre Dubrovnika!  Chris Bailey  22 743
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The Tank Museum Video – May 2015

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It’s just as well I had a backup plan

Because I needed one

Tank Museum Bovington – May 2015

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And guess who left his SLR in the Premier Inn.

IMG_8596   IMG_8573
View from the car park.   And they expect children.
IMG_8511   IMG_8519
Target practice.   Chieftain, sort of gate guardian.
IMG_8524   IMG_8581
T-62.   A22 Churchill Mark II.
IMG_8584   IMG_8588
Centurion in cover.   And from the front.
IMG_8525   IMG_8570
Turrets.   Challenger Prototype.
IMG_8529   IMG_8541


  Tiger II
IMG_8548   IMG_8551
Challenger 2 V5 Prototype.   T-62
IMG_8558   IMG_8563
T-72   Chieftain
IMG_8562   IMG_8545
Leopard I   Centurion
IMG_8536   IMG_8534
Challenger 1 MBT Mark 3   Swedish Centurion
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