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Moving Tanks

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A leopard in the distance

And the gate guardian is back

The Tanks in June – My Favourites

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Grey in June

Helps camouflage

Bovington Tank Museum – June 2016

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Friday 03 June 2016



Where Lawrence of Arabia died.   Wider view of the memorial.
IMG_7894   IMG_7898
Public tank viewing area.   Would have loved to see a tank go over this.
IMG_7901 - Copy   IMG_7904
It was rather grey to start.   Challenger I – door guardian.
IMG_7911   IMG_7912
Not sure what it is?   But there is always Google image search.
IMG_7921   IMG_7930
Chieftain, now with mine ploughs.   T-55.
IMG_7936   IMG_7938
Chieftain in the trees.   The gate guardian is back.
IMG_7943   IMG_7946
Can’t beat a Centurion.   Stanley Barracks Gate Guardian.
IMG_7956   Aviary Photo_131094346623391084
A Challenger I of the Desert Rats.   Challenger I, Chieftain and Conqueror.
Aviary Photo_131094347138499542   IMG_7980
Chieftain and Conqueror.   The Challenger I.
IMG_7983   IMG_7984
The Fury Sherman.   Fury three quarter view.
IMG_7992   IMG_7997
King Tiger.   King Tiger with Zimmermat.
IMG_7999   IMG_8007
British Tortoise, biggest isn’t always best.   T-62.
IMG_8009   IMG_7982
T-72.   British light AFV.
Bovington Tank Museum
Bovington Tank Museum

Tanks in the Rain

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Rather wet

And nearly needed a tank to get out

Tanks in the Rain

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Tank Museum Bovington – Sunday 03 January 2016

IMG_7237   IMG_7254
Why there were tanks.   And tanks was a code name.
IMG_7241   IMG_7246
Conqueror Mark I.   Chieftain Mark 12 with Stillbrew.
IMG_7249   IMG_7271
Challenger I.   Swedish Centurion. Strv 81 Medium Tank.
IMG_7275   IMG_7278
Ferret Mark 2/6 FV703 with Valiant Missiles.   A13 Mark III Covenanter. The worst tank ever?
IMG_7280   IMG_7285
Soviet KV-1B.   M46 General Patton.
IMG_7290   IMG_7293
Centurion.   Sherman Firefly.
IMG_7296   IMG_7299
Panther built under British control.   Tiger 131.
IMG_7316   IMG_7302
T72.   Leopard I and Chieftain.
IMG_7313   IMG_7310
T62.   Challenger II.
IMG_7305   IMG_7317
T72 and Chieftain.   Leopard I.

Tank Museum Bovington
Tank Museum Bovington

Tanks and Rain–Bovington September 2015

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And the odd fine ale. Saturday 12 September 2015.

IMG_3025   IMG_3026
Premier Inn Full English Part 01.   Premier Inn Full English Part 02.
IMG_6950   IMG_6970
Iraqi T62.   Chieftain MK 5.
IMG_6972   IMG_6977
The Museum Observation Tower.   Ferret with Swingfire ATGW.
IMG_6983   IMG_7001
Churchill Mark I.   Challenger I, not part of the Museum.
IMG_7008   IMG_7015
FV4030/4 Challenger 1 Tank.   The reason The Tank was invented.
IMG_7018   IMG_7030
Tiger II.   King Tiger.
IMG_7036   IMG_7037
Jagdpanther.   A DUKW for Mr Manning.
IMG_7041   IMG_7048
Comet 1.   M26 General Patton.
IMG_7061   IMG_7063
Finish Sturmgeschutz III.   Centurion Mark 3.
IMG_7070   IMG_7066a
Leopard 1.   East German T-72M1.

The Tank Museum Video – May 2015

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It’s just as well I had a backup plan

Because I needed one

Foggy and Sunny

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If you like Tanks

This is where you need to go

Royal Tank Museum Part Two

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Really good place to go

IMG_2326   IMG_2331
JagdTiger.   Churchill III AVRE.
IMG_2335   IMG_2343
Panzer IV.   Centurion Mark 3.
IMG_2349   IMG_2355

Leopard 1.



IMG_2361   IMG_2373
Chieftain Mark 11C.   Panther Aus G, operated by the British, yes really.
And the entrance.    

Three you could do with a cell tower there

Royal Tank Museum Part One

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Gift Aid

IMG_2150   IMG_2164
Gate Guardian – A Centurion.   T62, an inner Gate Guardian.
IMG_2170   IMG_2171
FV432.   Target practise.
IMG_2179   IMG_2186
Churchill II.   Sherman, exit Guardian.
IMG_2191   IMG_2198
Not sure but looks a bit top heavy.   Royal Tank Regiment Memorial Statue.
IMG_2202   IMG_2209
Not a tank.   Challenger I – entrance Guardian.
IMG_2234   IMG_2237
Khalid.   Warrior.
IMG_2246   IMG_2258
M60A1 (RISE).   Chieftain and friends.
IMG_2269   IMG_2277
SU-100.   BMP 1.
IMG_2287   IMG_2299
Another Challenger I.   Leopard I.
IMG_2313   IMG_2322
King Tiger.   SU-76M & KV1B.

So I may well go back

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