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Royal Tank Museum Part One

Gift Aid

IMG_2150   IMG_2164
Gate Guardian – A Centurion.   T62, an inner Gate Guardian.
IMG_2170   IMG_2171
FV432.   Target practise.
IMG_2179   IMG_2186
Churchill II.   Sherman, exit Guardian.
IMG_2191   IMG_2198
Not sure but looks a bit top heavy.   Royal Tank Regiment Memorial Statue.
IMG_2202   IMG_2209
Not a tank.   Challenger I – entrance Guardian.
IMG_2234   IMG_2237
Khalid.   Warrior.
IMG_2246   IMG_2258
M60A1 (RISE).   Chieftain and friends.
IMG_2269   IMG_2277
SU-100.   BMP 1.
IMG_2287   IMG_2299
Another Challenger I.   Leopard I.
IMG_2313   IMG_2322
King Tiger.   SU-76M & KV1B.

So I may well go back

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