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They Put A Label On It

24/05/2015 Leave a comment

A rather nice Belgian Saison

With a label with my name on it.

It Was Too Fast

28/06/2014 Leave a comment

Strange Days

Strange weather

Bristol Beano–25 September 2013

26/09/2013 Leave a comment

And it was sunny too.

IMG_7883   IMG_7888
Bedwas – when it’s early and dark.   Caerphilly Bus Station – looking surprising good.
IMG_7891   IMG_7895
Cardiff Central and in the distance Brains Brewery.   Cardiff Central, great for Engine spotting.
IMG_7898   IMG_7900
I’m now in England.   Which has history too.
IMG_7902   IMG_7903
Wetherspoon. Cheaper food and drinks.   The Knights Templar.
IMG_7905   IMG_7906
Isambard Kingdom Brunel.   To the Fire Fighter who have fallen in the line of duty.
IMG_7910   IMG_7911
Wetherspoon – The Commercial Rooms.   And inside The Commercial Rooms.
IMG_7908   IMG_7913
Brewdog Bristol.   And inside.


25/09/2013 Leave a comment

Which is abroad

And rather warm

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