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Right Way Up

20/10/2019 Leave a comment

Well there was a workaround but mmm umm. Bridgend on the train. The penultimate day of The Spoons Autumn Real Ale Festival. Meeting up with one that then became two. Ended up in The Coach where their micro brewery ales were rather good. Chips and a sausage in batter too.

On The Train, In The Rain

19/10/2019 Leave a comment

I hoping that I won’t be upside down this week. A workaround but no real answer. More updates of everything. What happens when your mobile network goes down and #RWC2019 and The Spoons Autumn Beer Fest #SaturdayWrap

The Little Bar on Friday

31/03/2019 Leave a comment

On the Bridge



In Bridgend

Goodbye Google Plus

10/10/2018 Leave a comment

The sad demise

And incoming XS and 12.0.1

Like Brum but with a Bridge

15/07/2018 Leave a comment

Trains fine

Fine Ales even better

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