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UK Pubs & Bars #02

04/11/2018 Leave a comment

The Otley Arms, Treforest, South Wales

Where the Oct-12-Bar Festival was on

October 2018

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The month of:-

Strange Dreams
Battery meter strangeness
Wessex October 2018 #mb09
Audio issues
Train Strikes and Pavilions
No Bacon
In The Doghouse
Oreo 8.0.0
Wither G+
iOS 12.0.1
Indian October
Amber rain
XS minus mp3
Double points
More cases
Double emergency
Foggy travel
Non Foggy
Ice Screen
New Carpet
Hot water bottles and thick socks
Compost and planting
15 TOG
Only one new Mini

Coming in November 2018


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Oct-12-Bar Fest

28/10/2018 Leave a comment

Some superb Fine Ales

Deep in the heart of Treforest

Heading to The Otley

27/10/2018 1 comment

Haircut first

Fine Ales in the cold

Sunny Noise Reduction

21/10/2018 1 comment

Removing the background noise

On a sunny semi Beer Fest

UK Pubs & Bars #01

21/10/2018 Leave a comment

A beginners guide

Starting with The Kings Fee in Hereford – Wetherspoon

Non Foggy October 20181020

20/10/2018 Leave a comment

The fog has gone

And I’m ready for Coffee and a Bacon roll

Foggy October

20/10/2018 1 comment

Through the fog

To Hereford in search of Fine Ales

Hereford End of October 2018 – Day 01

19/10/2018 Leave a comment

The audio, live from the Kings Fee, the local Spoons #mb10

Costa Coffee Breakfast #mb10

19/10/2018 Leave a comment

In a foggy Hereford

But a warming Costa

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