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For Saturday 29 October 2022

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The Saturday Wrap for 29 October 2022.  Wetherspoons, Shaving, Best Before, Rishi Rush, MJF, Apple Updates, Belkin Mount, New Ministers, Umbrel, Elon, 15.7.1, Bugs, Bristol Beer Factory, Tiny Rebel, WiFi.   #SaturdayWrap     #October2022   #Bedwas

The Saturday Wrap for Saturday 29 October 2022

For Saturday 17 September 2022

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The Saturday Wrap for 17 September 2022. Autumn, Brew Monster, Free Beer, Issues, missing Aldi Scotch Eggs, Amazon fails, Apple updates, FB sharing fixed, Lockscreen, former work colleagues, fresh, The Funeral, the Queue, TWiT, Chuck and Shaved Head. #SaturdayWrap #Newport #September2022

For Saturday 13 March 2021

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The Saturday Wrap for 13 March 2021. Semi Sunny Back Garden Bacon and Burgers, Frosty, Past Birthdays, Click and Collect Compost, Gales, Covid vaccine.  #Bedwas #SaturdayWrap

Mr Shiny

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The Problem. My hair was growing out of control, it was taking too long to dry, I could do a thing with it and it was in Autumn / Winter camo. The solution. Go to Amazon and order a hair trimmer. Pictures and 4K video as appropriate and hoover up the detritus. Going to give it a 3.75/5. Good first effort #YMMV.

SIM Deals and One All Over

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All you can eat data

And a Heatwave ready haircut


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No Bacon

But a haircut

Oct-12-Bar Fest

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Some superb Fine Ales

Deep in the heart of Treforest

Only Slightly French

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And Sorrows


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A Saturday in the ‘Diff

And a Sunday in the ‘Port

Jet Age Museum–Gloucester

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The first beano of 2014

IMG_7411   IMG_7412
Can’t do this without a haircut.   Emergency meal deal.
IMG_8165   IMG_2016
Navigation by Waze.   I’m here without data, Plan B MiFi working.
IMG_2018   IMG_2019
It’s a hanger.   A rather sad Harrier Trainer.
IMG_2023   IMG_2027
It has been raining.   XM569.
IMG_2028   IMG_2030
It’s cockpit only.    
IMG_2031   IMG_2033
Refuelling boom.    
IMG_2036   IMG_2038
IMG_2039   IMG_2049
IMG_2054   IMG_2058
Gloster E28- W4041/G – replica   Gloster Meteor F8 – WH364
IMG_2061   IMG_2074
Gloster Javelin – XH903   Inert Firestreak
IMG_2099   IMG_2105
IMG_2110   IMG_2113
    Gloster Gamecock – J7904
IMG_2130   IMG_2135
IMG_2141   IMG_2146

And a mini one at that

Jet Age Museum
Jet Age Museum
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