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For Saturday 13 March 2021

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The Saturday Wrap for 13 March 2021. Semi Sunny Back Garden Bacon and Burgers, Frosty, Past Birthdays, Click and Collect Compost, Gales, Covid vaccine.  #Bedwas #SaturdayWrap

Mr Shiny

18/04/2020 Leave a comment

The Problem. My hair was growing out of control, it was taking too long to dry, I could do a thing with it and it was in Autumn / Winter camo. The solution. Go to Amazon and order a hair trimmer. Pictures and 4K video as appropriate and hoover up the detritus. Going to give it a 3.75/5. Good first effort #YMMV.

SIM Deals and One All Over

24/08/2019 Leave a comment

All you can eat data

And a Heatwave ready haircut


25/11/2018 Leave a comment

No Bacon

But a haircut

Oct-12-Bar Fest

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Some superb Fine Ales

Deep in the heart of Treforest

Only Slightly French

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And Sorrows


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A Saturday in the ‘Diff

And a Sunday in the ‘Port

Jet Age Museum–Gloucester

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The first beano of 2014

IMG_7411   IMG_7412
Can’t do this without a haircut.   Emergency meal deal.
IMG_8165   IMG_2016
Navigation by Waze.   I’m here without data, Plan B MiFi working.
IMG_2018   IMG_2019
It’s a hanger.   A rather sad Harrier Trainer.
IMG_2023   IMG_2027
It has been raining.   XM569.
IMG_2028   IMG_2030
It’s cockpit only.    
IMG_2031   IMG_2033
Refuelling boom.    
IMG_2036   IMG_2038
IMG_2039   IMG_2049
IMG_2054   IMG_2058
Gloster E28- W4041/G – replica   Gloster Meteor F8 – WH364
IMG_2061   IMG_2074
Gloster Javelin – XH903   Inert Firestreak
IMG_2099   IMG_2105
IMG_2110   IMG_2113
    Gloster Gamecock – J7904
IMG_2130   IMG_2135
IMG_2141   IMG_2146

And a mini one at that

Jet Age Museum
Jet Age Museum
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