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A Little Bit At The End

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From NCL


A Newcastle Deal

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Sometimes things just feel right

And they work

Waze Stars

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Leaving it a little late in the year.

IMG_8082   IMG_8083
Calm   And quiet
IMG_8084   IMG_8086
Waze in auto night mode   For the memory
IMG_8088   IMG_8090
The long stay at Bristol   #ITM
IMG_8091   IMG_8092
#Jingle   A very easy check in
IMG_8093   IMG_8095
Local festive brew   Iā€™m in the bar

Dry, calm and no frost

The Big Orange Bird

16/12/2012 2 comments

All good things

End in baggage reclaim

South and Home

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Better weather


IMG_6571   IMG_6572
Where I slept.   Where I had breakfast.
IMG_6573   IMG_6578
The logos.   As above.
IMG_6577   IMG_6579
That way.   Lots of different languages here.
IMG_6581   IMG_6583
Bag drop ā€“ easyJet Style.   Not with these boys today.
IMG_6588   IMG_6589
These boys.   These boys ā€“ darker.
IMG_6592   IMG_6593
25F (again)   Not sure if prebooked seats speeds up boarding?


In Newcastle at least

Six and Out

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The final beano of 2012

Cold with a saint

Backs And Planning

06/10/2012 Leave a comment

Gone but not gone

Seats and closed roads

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