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Dogs yes, Children No – Day 02

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Rain, it’s what the Great British Summer is all about. Luckily we have pubs and free WiFi. Nearly Christmas.

IMG_5798   IMG_5800
Full English Central.   Black Pudding today.
IMG_5799   IMG_5802
Just at dawn.   Costa Coffee – Dorchester.
IMG_5810   IMG_5803
The local Wetherspoons.   Quids in.
IMG_5805   IMG_5807
Welsh ale.   Can’t beat a Mild.
IMG_5808   IMG_5811
Quality Stout.   First Class.
IMG_5812   IMG_5813
And in a branded glass.   The Gents – Part 01.
IMG_5814   IMG_5816
The Gents – Part 02.   The Brewhouse and Kitchen, with discount for CAMRA members.
IMG_5819   IMG_5817
A Ginger IPA.   My home for the night.
Handy for the Railway Station
Handy for the Railway Station

Damp and Bacon – Day 02

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Bacon to Start

Moved on to Dorchester

Day 01 – The Difference Version

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Android based

Slow upload in Spoons

The Pokemon Beano – Day 01

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As Mark Peacock says, it’s more about the journey than the destination. Although in my case it both really. First stop Sedgemoor Services for a coffee a la @trafficsham.

IMG_5776   IMG_5777
The sadness of stocking up with Poke Balls before I start.   Refreshing light drizzle in The Lower Rhymney Valley.
IMG_5778   IMG_5779
Checking into Bedwas General Store @swarmapp.   First stop, Sedgemore South Services on the M5. No Pokes
IMG_5780   IMG_5781
That’s better!   Waiting for the Full English at Tesco Extra, Yeovil.
IMG_5783   IMG_5784
Extra Sausage as they don’t do raw Tomatoes.   Your local Spoons.
IMG_5785   IMG_5787
Something to do with the Olympics. Used 50p off voucher.   As I’m a Share holder.
IMG_5788   IMG_5790
Good old fashioned Pub.   However, mostly Greene King.
IMG_5791   IMG_5792
Local Cider and a Cheese and Onion roll.   Yeap.
IMG_5793   IMG_5794
The local Church.   Which has 3 Poke Stops.
IMG_5795   IMG_5797
My stop for the night.   Another not sure.
Where I stayed.
Where I stayed.

Day 02 – Webcam from Yeovil

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Wanted mp4

Got avi

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A Week Late

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The William Dampier

Next to the Premier Inn, Yeovil

Fleet Air Arm and Bacon

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Tesco for Breakfast

And the Fleet Air Arm Museum for the History

Fleet Air Museum 2016 – A Few of my Favourites

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A little of Android Mobile Video

At the Fleet Air Arm Museum

Politics Day 2015

09/05/2015 Leave a comment

It was grey

And it rained

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