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June 2011

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The month of:-

Water not cut off
Broken lock
Centrally speaking
WWDC – catch up and move past
5 and a cloud
Buffet, beer & sleep
Exciting news
Mainly me
GWBCF 2011
Everyone’s being Lulzseced
Change and recharge
Lulz gone
Hot Berlin
Gatow & Brauhaus in Spandau
Flak Tower & Bunkers
Soviet War Memorials & Drizzle
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Coming in July 2011

More old school

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Music this Month – June 2011

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What I’m listening to

A light in the sky – Don Airey
Rough Boy – ZZ Top
Holy water – Ian Gillan & friends
I turned to stone – Budgie
Love to love (live) – UFO

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Heading home

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The S-Bahn

And the easyJet

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Back to Spandau

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A little rain

Means fine bier and home made German cooking

Soviet War Memorials

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One closed for renovations

The other with drizzle

The Tower The Wall and The Checkpoint

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A Flak Tower, The Death Zone

And where I got my passport stamped, Allied Checkpoint Charlie

The Three Brauhauses

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Spandau, Mitte and Lemke

Spandau was by far the best

The Luftwaffe Museum

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Rather hot, rather humid and through a housing estate

But well worth it

Not that St George

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Yes and in Berlin

Fly, Bahn and Walk

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It was hot

And I didn’t get any strawberries

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