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#mb03 – Day 02

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A snowy start to the day



And Beerex was great

Strikes and Pavilions

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Trains of course

And the Weymouth Octoberfest 2018

Old and New

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Some pubs that I have previously visited

And a rather good new one

My Drinking List GWBCF 2014

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My Great Welsh Beer and Cider Festival drinking list.

I had a plan but it soon went to pot but with the freebies, who cares?

First time in the Millennium Stadium and all the talk was about the increase in entrances fees.  However it was a sunny day and they had the roof open.



And as a CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) member, a free half pint.   IMG_8655
FUBAR – Tiny Rebel – 4.4% ABV.  A- Champion Beer of Wales 2014   IMG_8657
Pilsner – Zero Degrees – 4.8% ABV. B+ Clean but full of flavour (freebie)   IMG_8662
Wheat ale – Zero Degrees – 4.2% ABV. B++ like a certain Belgian Wheat beer but better (freebie)   IMG_8665
Sagres – 5.0% ABV.  B+ freebie lager from Portugal (freebie)   IMG_8664
La Tene – Celt Experience – 3.3% ABV. B++ hugely punches above its weight Hoppy Heaven. Brewed in Caerphilly.   IMG_8668
Afghan Pale Ale – Greytrees – 6.0% ABV. B++ Complex Craft ale and wait for the long finish. Brewed up Aberdare way.   IMG_8673
Sakura – Otley – 4.8% ABV.  B++ Wheat beer with a subtle cherry finish. Brewed up Ponty way.   IMG_8678
St Gwendoline’s – Rotters – 5.0%. B+ all up front and no finish   IMG_8704
Stars and Stripes – Brains Craft – 4.5% ABV. B++ Hazy, cold and very refreshing. Wonderful.   IMG_8706

GWBCF 2014

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The Great Welsh Beer & Cider Festival 2014

And the sun shone

GWBCF 2012 – Part 02

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Tiki arrives

via public transport

GWBCF 2012 – Part 01

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The rain, the beer

the bier and the cider

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