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The Emergency Chair

30/09/2011 Leave a comment

As tested by me

IMG_4730   IMG_4731
Click on the photos and they will get bigger    
IMG_4732   IMG_4733
IMG_4734   IMG_4735
IMG_4736   IMG_4737
IMG_4738   IMG_4739

And still here

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The Chair in the Pool

18/05/2011 Leave a comment

I commissioned it

And got cramped

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More Lazy Photographs

16/05/2011 Leave a comment

Siting down

IMG_4125   IMG_4124
Faster Atom   Fountains
IMG_4120   IMG_4121
Wider   Taller

And uploading

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Of Boats and a Pool

13/05/2011 Leave a comment

Lazy photography

IMG_4090   IMG_4091
On the way to the paper shop    
IMG_4092   IMG_4093
IMG_4094   IMG_4096

Lazy beano

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Breakfast by the pool

13/05/2011 Leave a comment

More people indoors

I was outside

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