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Back to February

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And NATO Sausages

Just Chepstow

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27 September 2013

IMG_7925   IMG_7930
The Chepstow Flyer at Cardiff Central.   Chepstow International.
IMG_7931   IMG_7932
The history.   And the reality today. Now distribution.
IMG_7933   IMG_7934
The Bell Hanger – rear entrance.   The Bell Hanger – front entrance.
IMG_7935   IMG_7937
Not sure what sort of naval gun this is?   The Coach & Horses – a real Real Ale pub.
IMG_7938   IMG_7939
A reason to go back?   The bar of the Coach & Horses.
IMG_7942   IMG_7945
Not quite my train.   The Second Severn crossing in the distance.
IMG_7946   IMG_7947
Chepstow Station from the footbridge.   And the footbridge.


Map picture

Plastic Glasses

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Summer comes to Cardiff

And Speedway to

70 Years Ago

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Remembering them

For us today

Post Storm

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River up

But by not that much

Dry but Misty

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Searching for Tiny Rebel

Found a Smokey Oat Stout

Soggy Sunday

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Brenda with a brolly

Tech Sunday in the Uphill

Like Penarth

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Similar design

Less sea


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The first one

Emailed the rest

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