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Music This Month – August 2014

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Tuesdays Gone – Lynyrd Skynyrd
Californication – Red Hot Chili Peppers
White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane
Gallows Pole – Jimmy Page & Robert Plant
21st Century Schizoid Man – King Crimson
One of These Days – Pink Floyd

August 2014

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The month of:-

Can’t do it in an hour
#EB (again)
Manual reset
Rose quickly
150 outgoing
Last pass wobbles
win32k.sys – MS14-045
#DSC 10 Years
The Chief
System Restore
Curry on DTNS
Army Aviation Museum
The Martian
Fully patched
Not sick
I’m Three average
RT and won
And got
Baby steps
10 years of RSS
Soggy Bank Holiday
Venus is back
Cord Cutting UK style
New Patch, New BSOD
Belgian Beer Day
Onions lifted

Coming in September 2014

Three years and a MOT

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Belgian Beer Day

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Mainly in The Urban Tap House

And there was a Belgian Lady there too

Both Bank Holidays

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Sunday and Monday

One dry, the other very soggy

No Iceland

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Reindeer live

Or in Burger form

Trowbridge Day Two

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Wandering around

And making no sense

DT: Saturday Afternoon Updates

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For the afternoon of 16 August 2014

#  Team  Manager  GW  TOT
1 Dean’s Dilf’s  Dean Parry  48 48
2 Evertoffees  Nigel Stephenson  45 45
3 Max’s millions  Carl Price  37 37
4 Rhymney Bluebids  Alec Withers  28 28
5 Neil’s Norsemen  Neil Lintern  27 27
6 iTeam  Gareth Yeo  25 25
7 Echo XI  Steve Lane  22 22
7 Elite 11  Michael Roberts  22 22
9 Whitts Wanderers  Scott Whittingham  19 19
10 The Glory Boys  Mark Lonney  17 17
11 spartak danzak  danny wyman  16 16
12 Lastpass  Roger Nash  14 14
13 The Untouchables  Mark Begley  12 12
14 Gabalfa Rangers  Russell Calderwood  10 10
15 little troopers  Leslie Withers  8 8
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Trowbridge Day One

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I like it

But it needs more cask ales

Army Aviation Museum Video

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It wasn’t a runway

But it was a good museum

Army Aviation Museum

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A great day out

IMG_8366   IMG_4872
It had to start with this.   And they do a great Full English too!
IMG_4874   IMG_4883
As usual I arrived before it opened.   If you are in Army Aviation, this is your nemesis.
IMG_4885   IMG_4838
    DHC2 – Beaver AL1
IMG_4856   IMG_4956
Westland Scout AH MK1.   Many rotor blades.
IMG_4893   IMG_4898
25 Pounder, it’s a long story.   Horsa, after a hard landing.
IMG_4916   IMG_4931
Lynx with TOW.   Huey Cobra and Lynx tail rotor.
Westland Scout with SS11s.    

In Middle Wallop, Hampshire.

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