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Army Aviation Museum Video

16/08/2014 Leave a comment

It wasn’t a runway

But it was a good museum

Army Aviation Museum

16/08/2014 Leave a comment

A great day out

IMG_8366   IMG_4872
It had to start with this.   And they do a great Full English too!
IMG_4874   IMG_4883
As usual I arrived before it opened.   If you are in Army Aviation, this is your nemesis.
IMG_4885   IMG_4838
    DHC2 – Beaver AL1
IMG_4856   IMG_4956
Westland Scout AH MK1.   Many rotor blades.
IMG_4893   IMG_4898
25 Pounder, it’s a long story.   Horsa, after a hard landing.
IMG_4916   IMG_4931
Lynx with TOW.   Huey Cobra and Lynx tail rotor.
Westland Scout with SS11s.    

In Middle Wallop, Hampshire.

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