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DT: Saturday Afternoon Updates

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For Saturday 02 January 2016

Position Team  Manager  GW  TOT
1 Cleverley Dunne Son  Gareth Yeo  26 1,103
2 Unstoppable  Dean Parry  31 1,066
3 Flamingo FC  Scott Whittingham  20 1,053
4 Vidre Dubrovnika!  Chris Bailey  21 1,048
5 Klump City  colin liston  26 1,040
6 Saunders Valve  Dale Parker  30 1,024
7 Ajax Spray & Wipe  Dave Birmingham  32 1,022
8 Little Troopers  Leslie Withers  29 1,013
9 Watchuself  Mark Begley  27 992
10 BSD City  Roger Nash  30 983
11 Pancho Villa  Howard Whittingham  25 975
12 Max’s Millions  Carl Price  29 962
13 Echo XI  Steve Lane  32 959
14 Spartak Danzak  danny wyman  51 885
15 Bottom but one  craig price  44 884
16 Olding On  Tyrone Olding  7 811
17 The Glory Boys  Mark Lonney  30 804
18 Gabalfa Rangers  Russell Calderwood  33 786

Boscombe Down Aviation Collection – January 2016

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On a rather soggy Saturday 02 January 2015. A really friendly welcome.

IMG_3878   IMG_3883
Pit stop for a touch of breakfast.   When in England, Full English.
IMG_20160102_094833465   IMG_7175
It was raining.   Nice and dry and warm inside.
IMG_7189   IMG_7209
Sea Harrier FA2 XZ457.   4 Falkland Kills. Active Service History
IMG_7207   IMG_7222
Sidewinder on XZ457.   XZ457, view from the rear.
IMG_7184   IMG_7185
WE177 and Cluster Bomb.   Scale model of JP233 and a Sparrow training round.
IMG_7197   IMG_7200
Jaguar GR1 XX734.   XX734.
IMG_7201   IMG_7202
Lightning F2A XN726.   XN726’s Firestreak.
IMG_7218   IMG_7213
Army and Navy, Scout and Wasp.   Rolls Royce Avon as fitted to the Comet.
IMG_7212   IMG_7224
Half scale retard bomb.   Aden gun pack.
IMG_7172   IMG_7228
Meteor MK D16/U16 WK800.   Noses.


Boscombe Down Aviation Collection
Boscombe Down Aviation Collection

Flaming Arm

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The arm and the ribs

And now the camcorder is crocked too

Music This Month – January 2015

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In the morning – The Coral
Tomorrow Night – Atomic Rooster
Take me with you – Whitesnake
The Trees – Rush
Love hurts – Def Leppard

January 2015

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The month of:-

Rainy but excellent
Chippenham in the fog
Sale in Penarth
Two Plans
A little box
Higher resolution please?
The French and gales
Old Friends
I mowed the lawn
No bananas
A little snow
Snow and slush
Nova Prime
Erik passes
Black Ice Arm
Iced Mint
Scotch, beer and tech support
Win 10
Not me
IOT sort of
Snowish and Points
Hudl and Leo
Flaming H2


Coming in February 2015

Jet Age 2015
Barry Train

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One Armed

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Cold & Crocked

But it’s my Saturday morning

A Little Snow

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A return?

Yes please. The snow will be gone.

Cracked Glass

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The wind was howling

But it was £1.69 a pint

Not My Happy

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08:15 in the morning

And things are going wrong

Times Two

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When it rains

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