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March Museums 2015 – Day 02 Newark Air Museum

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Premier Inn Full English and Newark Air Museum. Semi Summer in Spring too.

IMG_1215   IMG_1218
Premier Inn – Hucknall.   Filling my boots with the all you can eat Full English.
IMG_1238   IMG_1241
Newark Air Museum.   The Anderson Shelter.
IMG_5542   IMG_5553
Vulcan B.2 XM594 and Yellow Sun.   Gloster Meteor T.7 VZ634.
IMG_5619   IMG_5642
Jaguar T.2A – XX829.   F100 Super Sabre and Mystere IV.
IMG_5651   IMG_5652
    Mig 27 Flogger – 61912507006 “71”.
IMG_5726   IMG_5733
Sea Harrier FRS.1 / FA.2 –


  Gloster Javelin FAW.8 –


IMG_5715   IMG_5647
Fairey Gannet AEW.3 – XP226.   de Havilland Sea Venom FAW.22 –WW217.

Ten Minutes This Time

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Slightly later

As the toilets were being refurbished

Walk and Forgot

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Close enough to walk to

Too easy to forget to 4sq

Aeroventure Doncaster

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Sunday 06 July 2014

IMG_3734   IMG_3735
Walking distance.   So I walked.
IMG_3738   IMG_3739
Of course.   And there.
IMG_3870   IMG_3868
Close up.   Entrance and Beach Armoured Recovery Vehicle.
IMG_3746   IMG_3768
Harrier GR3 – XV752.   Looking rather sad XL388 – ‘Mayflower III’.
IMG_3778   IMG_3797
A triplet of Canberras – WD935, WJ975 & WJ565.   WESTLAND SCOUT AH.1 – XV139.
IMG_3798   IMG_3799
IMG_3809   IMG_3811
Red Top – trainer.   Red Top – warhead.
IMG_3812   IMG_3823
Ejection seats.   Rolls Royce Conway.
IMG_3839   IMG_3838
Sea King H.A.S. MK 6 XV677.   Nose art.
IMG_3856   IMG_3847
It’s OK it’s a cockpit trainer.   Lightning F3 – XP706.

Midlands Air Museum

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Less snow

More wind chill

Midlands Air Museum–Outdoors

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In the snow and wind

IMG_7161   IMG_7116
Argosy 650 – G-APRL    
IMG_7125   IMG_7127
Gloster Javelin F.A.W.5 XA699   Sea Hawk – WV797
IMG_7153   IMG_7149
Fairey Gannet – T-2 XA508    
IMG_7145   IMG_7144
Danish F-104G Starfighter   F86A Sabre FU-242
IMG_7140   IMG_7183
F-4c Phantom II 63-7699   Sea Harrier FA2 ZE694
IMG_7163   IMG_7154
Hunter F-6a XF382   Sea Vixen F.A.W. 2 XN685
IMG_7169   IMG_7175
Lightning F-6 XR771   Saudi T-55 55-713
IMG_7167   IMG_7170
F-101B Voodoo 56-0312   F100D Super Sabre 54-2174

Cold war warbirds

And the Finding

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IMG_3948   IMG_3953
The entrance – £2.00   Blackburn Buccaneer
IMG_3958   IMG_3963
English Electric Lightning   Westland Wessexs
IMG_3975   IMG_3987
Avro Vulcan B2   With drop tanks in the foreground
IMG_3989   IMG_3997
Canberra & Vulcan   Nose on
IMG_4000   IMG_4010
Nose & intake   Argosy, Wessex & Vulcan

But now added to Foursquare

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