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Midlands Air Museum–Outdoors

In the snow and wind

IMG_7161   IMG_7116
Argosy 650 – G-APRL    
IMG_7125   IMG_7127
Gloster Javelin F.A.W.5 XA699   Sea Hawk – WV797
IMG_7153   IMG_7149
Fairey Gannet – T-2 XA508    
IMG_7145   IMG_7144
Danish F-104G Starfighter   F86A Sabre FU-242
IMG_7140   IMG_7183
F-4c Phantom II 63-7699   Sea Harrier FA2 ZE694
IMG_7163   IMG_7154
Hunter F-6a XF382   Sea Vixen F.A.W. 2 XN685
IMG_7169   IMG_7175
Lightning F-6 XR771   Saudi T-55 55-713
IMG_7167   IMG_7170
F-101B Voodoo 56-0312   F100D Super Sabre 54-2174

Cold war warbirds

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