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Daleks Rule The Waves

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The Fleet Air Arm Museum in Yeovilton

And its Dr Who Plus

Hall 4 SST and Things

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IMG_1200   IMG_1204
See we can be friends with the French.    
IMG_1205   IMG_1206
    Hawker P1127 – XP841
IMG_1212   IMG_1213
Royal Navy Hunter T8M – XL580   Sea Harrier FRS 1 – XZ493
IMG_1215   IMG_1217
Wessex HU5 – XT765/J    
IMG_1221   IMG_1223
Inside the Concorde – A test version    
IMG_1225   IMG_1226
IMG_1230   IMG_1233
The sharp end   Daleks under the Concorde
IMG_1239   IMG_1240
IMG_1244   IMG_1256
    And done

And Dalek Food

Hall Three–On The Ark

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Back to the 70s

IMG_1164   IMG_1165
Buccaneer S2B – XV333   Buccaneer S1 – XN957
IMG_1168   IMG_1170
    Seahawk FGA 6 – XW856
IMG_1173   IMG_1176
Fairey Gannet AEW 3 – XL503   Phantom FG 1 – XT596
IMG_1190   IMG_1191
IMG_1193   IMG_1197
IMG_1194   IMG_1199

When we still had it

And Daleks Too

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And the bad news

IMG_1071   IMG_1072
The plan and the steps.   The entrance with Gift aid.
IMG_1073   IMG_1074
Locals wearing scarves.   They move and talk too.
IMG_1075   IMG_1088
Hall 01.   All gone a bit DW.
IMG_1090   IMG_1091
Surreal, Cyberman and Sea Harrier.   K9.
IMG_1095   IMG_1102
Sea King – XZ574   What the British do best.
IMG_1104   IMG_1111
Sea Harrier F/A2 – XZ499/003   Westland Wessex – HAS3 – XP142 aka Humphrey (and a Dalek)
IMG_1114   IMG_1118
Battle Honours include the Submarine Santa Fe   Exactly

It attracts the children, bah humbug

Cows Tor and Outside

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Everybody needs a getaway

IMG_1035   IMG_1040
Local cows.   With the Tor in the distance.
IMG_1046   IMG_1047
Brekkie and sleep.   Nice wood look.
IMG_1051   IMG_1052
And twelve miles down the road.   I think we still have helicopters.
IMG_1063   IMG_1064
Gate Guardian 1.   Gate Guardian 2
IMG_1067   IMG_1069
And together   Time to go in.

Even if the Internet is rather flaky

Windy with a Tor

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From dark and cloudy

To sunny and windy

#FAA13–The Preamble

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No festival

IMG_7872   IMG_7873
All the best beanos start #ITM.   And clouds.
IMG_7875   IMG_7876
Later, my gaff in Glastonbury.   Waiting for 17:00 for all you can eat.
IMG_7877   IMG_7878
Free coffee refills, sadly not the same with the ale.   Proximity.

But there is a Tor

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