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Music This Month – March 2017

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Shine on you crazy diamond – Pink Floyd
Road Racin’ (live) – Riot
Rough Boy 9live) – ZZ Top
One of us – Joan Osborne
Russians – Sting
Love is like Oxygen – Sweet

That was – March 2017

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Well there will be scaffolding and no TV
In and Out
Light bus
Switching in Mid Wales
In quarters til Thursday
Streaming for now
The lightness of no rain
The years and to the left
Pictures of Postits
Stary bacon
Early morning cats and coffee
I can see Sainsbury’s
Still cake
Building into the dark
The Patches are back
Uninstall to upgrade
Always half and half
It was the felt
Faster power in Europe
Spoons Spring Beer Fest
Tiny Rebel food video
Stay strong
Statistical Speaking
Canada update
Poor, poor battery
Cleaner and cooler
Back to speed
11 and burning through the battery
Arena totalled
The S8
Don’t fall off
At least I had Waze


Coming in April 2017

Hereford take 2

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