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Antwerp on a Really Hot Saturday

21/07/2015 2 comments

On Saturday 04th July 2015

IMG_2338   IMG_2339
Healthy Ibis breakfast.   Ibis Full Belgian.
IMG_2341   IMG_8728
Waiting for my train at the Gare du Midi.   Antwerp Central.
IMG_8729   IMG_8732
Antwerp Central, more like a Cathedral than a Station.   Protecting from the sun.
IMG_8733   IMG_8734
And from the other side.   Bier Central – a stone’s throw from the station.
IMG_2345   IMG_8735
Inside Bier Central.   Also inside Bier Central.
IMG_2344   IMG_2350
Gueuze 1882 – Girardin – 5.0% ABV.   Chapeau Abricot – De Troch – 3.5% ABV.
IMG_2353   IMG_2356
Bourgogne des Flanders – Timmermans – 5.0% ABV.   Framboise – Girardin – 5.0% ABV.
IMG_2361   IMG_2358
Oude Gueuze – Hanssens – 6.0% ABV.   Emergency Flemish Burger & Chips.


Bier Central is 100m from the Central Railway Station
Bier Central is 100m from the Central Railway Station

Bier Central – Antwerp

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On a very hot day

You can’t beat Belgian Aircon

Indian Summer Antwerp

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Rather warm

IMG_4857   IMG_4861
The Station   The Cathedral
IMG_4864   IMG_4868
13th Commandment   Yes it is a restaurant/bar
IMG_4873   IMG_4863
Spag Bol, Gueuze & De Koninck   Kulminator
IMG_4880   IMG_4885
Rodenbach Vintage 2008   Buffalo Bitter Ale
IMG_4886   IMG_4882
Malheur   The bar
IMG_4887   IMG_4892
Why not?   My train back to Brussels


But dressed for cold

Indian Summer in Antwerp

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Spag Bol

And Flemish ales

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