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Walking York’s City Walls – 03

06/07/2013 2 comments

And the circle completes

IMG_0753   IMG_0758
    Churches as well as the Minster
IMG_0759   IMG_0762
History everywhere   Shade and Walls
IMG_0763   IMG_0765
And a Ferris Wheel    
IMG_0770   IMG_0771
    A shadow
IMG_0774   IMG_0775
IMG_0776   IMG_0778
    For those who didn’t come home
IMG_0782   IMG_0787
York Railway Station    
IMG_0789   IMG_0792
    My gaff

Hydration needed

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Walking York’s City Walls – 02

06/07/2013 6 comments

Guns and

IMG_0706   IMG_0711
25 pounder   Spoons
IMG_0713   IMG_0712
IMG_0716   IMG_0718
IMG_0719   IMG_0720
IMG_0722   IMG_0724
IMG_0729   IMG_0730
IMG_0732   IMG_0733
IMG_0734   IMG_0735
IMG_0736   IMG_0737
    York Minster
IMG_0743   IMG_0752


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Walking York’s City Walls – 01

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On a summer Saturday in July 2013

IMG_0650   IMG_0653
The start – Micklegate Bar.  Going anti clockwise.    
IMG_0651   IMG_0652
IMG_0655   IMG_0658
IMG_0659   IMG_0666
IMG_0668   IMG_0669
IMG_0673   IMG_0675
IMG_0680   IMG_0682
Clifford’s Tower    
IMG_0683   IMG_0687
IMG_0688   IMG_0701
IMG_0689   IMG_0692
IMG_0708   IMG_0698
IMG_0697   IMG_0694

With the better quality light

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The Reunion

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Many A4s

Many beers

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