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To The Delay and Passed

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The whole #bub16 video

Including the delay

The Reunion

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Many A4s

Many beers

NRM and the last 6 A4s

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75 years ago

IMG_0551   IMG_0557
York station and a Ferris Wheel.   Things change.
IMG_0562   IMG_0565
This way.   The museum station.
IMG_0566   IMG_0574
AS we were.   As the Japanese are.
IMG_0578   IMG_0581
A little bit of the Chunnel.   Old British Electric
IMG_0583   IMG_0594
Old British Diesel.   One of six.
IMG_0599   IMG_0603
Two more.   Deltic – 55002.
IMG_0606   IMG_0614
D6700 – Class 37   Not all engines move.
IMG_0622   IMG_0627
The Workshop.   And in storage.

And a sunny day in July 2013

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Mowing Forward

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By longing backwards

With old school coffee drinking

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