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For Saturday 15 May 2021

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The Saturday Wrap for 15 May 2021. Elon and Crypto, Showers, Keysmith, Bamboo socks, Edge on Linux, Work in Cardiff, Painting The Tumble, 14 months and The FA Cup and Euro Dream Team. #Bedwas #SaturdayWrap 

To The Delay and Passed

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The whole #bub16 video

Including the delay

The Reunion

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Many A4s

Many beers

NRM and the last 6 A4s

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75 years ago

IMG_0551   IMG_0557
York station and a Ferris Wheel.   Things change.
IMG_0562   IMG_0565
This way.   The museum station.
IMG_0566   IMG_0574
AS we were.   As the Japanese are.
IMG_0578   IMG_0581
A little bit of the Chunnel.   Old British Electric
IMG_0583   IMG_0594
Old British Diesel.   One of six.
IMG_0599   IMG_0603
Two more.   Deltic – 55002.
IMG_0606   IMG_0614
D6700 – Class 37   Not all engines move.
IMG_0622   IMG_0627
The Workshop.   And in storage.

And a sunny day in July 2013

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Mowing Forward

25/04/2011 Leave a comment

By longing backwards

With old school coffee drinking

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