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Bad Start Turns Good

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Left handed mono

To full stereo with Taps

Day 06 – Burgers and Drizzle

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And a long journey home

The To Potter Video

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Warning, lots of ale

And rain too!

From Rain to Potter

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This is the third year in a row, I have done Belgium in November.  This year it’s via a two day stop in London and the Eurostar.  It started on Bonfire Night morning in the pouring South Wales rain.  The John Wallace Linton in Newport.  A FGW 125 to Paddington.  A pint of 5 AM Saint in the Beer House at Paddington.  On the the Hammersmith and City line to Kings Cross and a quick visit to Fullers – The Parcel Yard.

IMG_6530   IMG_6531
The Merry John Wallace Linton in Newport   Some left over Festival ales.
IMG_6533   IMG_6537
Should be MTP but is rather wet DPM   Newport International
IMG_7977   IMG_6539
Where they have trains   FGW 125 TV coach to London
IMG_6540   IMG_7983
Rather expensive FGW cheese and onion sarnie   London – Paddington
IMG_6542   IMG_6543
The Beer House   Where they serve Scottish craft ale.
IMG_7985   IMG_7987
The bar – free Wifi   Kings Cross
IMG_7988   IMG_7990
Quality Pubbage   With lots of Fullers brews
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