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Only Later

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Do you find out

What really happened

Imperial War Museum 2014

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It was raining

Photo 14-11-2014 09 54 04   Photo 14-11-2014 09 55 02
15 inch Guns and a stormy sky.   Die Mauer.
IMG_5278   IMG_5282
Harrier.   V1.
IMG_5289   IMG_5292
T34-85.   88.
IMG_5301   IMG_5305
Sherman.   Little Boy.
IMG_5309   IMG_5316
Ikara.   Argentina v UK.
IMG_5318   IMG_5303
MM38 Exocet.   Blue Steel replica.

And the museum has been refurbished

Four Years Later

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A welcome revisit

And a till curry failure (nearly)

Cold War and Beer

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The RAF Museum at Hendon

IMG_5107   IMG_5113
The RAF Museum in Hendon.   Always early.
IMG_5120   IMG_5125
Bloodhound Gate Guardian.   Oman Air Force Hunter Gate Guardian.
IMG_5160   IMG_5155
F-35 and it’s not even in service yet.   Harrier GR3 – XZ997.
IMG_5170   IMG_5177
Buccaneer S2B – XW547.   Open air brakes and Paveway III.
IMG_5179   IMG_5189
Tornado GR1B – X003-2283.   Victor K2 – XM717.
IMG_5196   IMG_5199
Avro Lancaster 1 – R5868.   B17G – 77233.
IMG_5200   IMG_5202
Avro Vulcan B2 – XL318   Blue Steel.
IMG_5205   IMG_5208
IMG_5218   IMG_5226
Phantom FGR2 – XV424.   Lightning P6 – XS925.
IMG_5246   IMG_5224
Tornado F3 – ZE887.   Canberra PR3 – WE139.

November 13 2014

No Turkey

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It was a great plan

But thank heavens for Welsh Cakes

Garden – November 2014

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A little late

But still no frost

An I

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A weekend to remember

Remembrance Weekend

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