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Music This Month – October 2014

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Faster – Within Temptation
Tie your mother down – Queen
Shine on you crazy diamond – Pink Floyd
White room – Cream
Anastasia – Slash
Journey of the sorcerer – Eagles

October 2014

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The month of:-

Now TV
New Spoons Menu – I know
Summer’s last gasp
Not cider and superior coffee
uk denied
2 tone and FTTC disappears
Craft and Cass
10.5 TOG
Merthyr and mono
Hereford Curry
Lots of wasted Apple time
People, places and plans
Twitpic dies again
Mild and short
Twitpic semi lives
Half a road
Fall down, stick up
Etsy – for me?
The day it all turned green
And half an hour

Coming in November 2014

London and Brussels

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