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Firepower Museum Woolwich

Now that that the Docklands Light Railway goes under the Thames to Woolwich, the bus journey from the O2 is gone and all the better for it.  Top Tip, get an Oyster Card, it makes life much easier.

IMG_7997   IMG_7999
If you want Firepower.   Not sure but a bit scary.
IMG_8002   IMG_6572
And up close.   The museum entrance.
IMG_1357   IMG_1363
Gate guardian.   Honest John.
IMG_1426   IMG_1381
The main hall.   Thunderbird and mobile Rapier.
IMG_1390   IMG_1392
Truck mounted Bofors.   Sexton.
IMG_1393   IMG_1403
Abbott 105mm.   Light guns.
IMG_1406   IMG_1413
6 and 17 pounder anti tank guns.   And the big guns.
IMG_1416   IMG_1427
Big from the rear.   Where it all started.
IMG_1437   IMG_1443
Anti aircraft.   Up and down.
IMG_1448   IMG_1451
The second hall – FV432.   What they do for anti aircraft.
IMG_1453   IMG_1455
What we do for anti aircraft.   And what we used to do for anti aircraft.
IMG_1466   IMG_1470
And the Gunners love this. It tracks birds.   Centurion.
IMG_1485   IMG_1488
Cold and Big.   Never made it into service.
IMG_1495   IMG_1474
AS90   105mm light gun.

And thanks to the two RA Gunners who showed me through the second hall.

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