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#mb03 – Day 01 Wrap

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Cold with a cold



And snow to finish

Snow at the End

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#mb03 Day 01



Snowy pre Beerex Dorchester

January 2019

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The month of:-

Warm sunny start with a Snowball
Price rises and cancellations
The Wetherspoon January Sale
The 99p Guest Cask Ale (which wasn’t)
Moor Beer Co Taproom
Egg Timer TV
Charity Beer Drinking
Bag of Nails marking
Cashless Bars
Nose Bleed and Lenses
All Munster
The Great Orange Slice Disaster of 2019
Brecon and Bridgend
Another Cold
Still The Same
Haircut but cancelled Beano
When your project isn’t managed
Enjoy life whilst you can
Debt moves
Seed Potatoes arrive
The minus 4.4 start #mb03
Snow at the end

Coming in February 2019

Half Beerex

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The Third Beano of 2019

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#mb03 starts



And it’s mighty cold

Changing Chip Shops

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In a word




The Beer and Tech Look Back for w/e Saturday 19 January 2019

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The Beer and Tech Look Back for w/e Saturday 19 January 2019. Why your old phone might just be good enough and is your beer badged Vegan Friendly? #Audio

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Orange Podcast Disaster

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The slice was too large



And it went everywhere

#mb02 – Day 03

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Looking back – Munster in Red



Looking forward – Podcasting and The Gloucester Brewery

Too Much Vitamin C

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It’s all a question of opening times



And Munster were in town

#mb02 – Day 02

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In the harsh light of nearly dawn



I look back and look forward

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