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December 2019

01/01/2020 Leave a comment

The month of:-

The end of #mb16
A frosty start
Left Handed Giant
.uk and
Keys snap underground
Traditional Craft
Do not Sleep
Cut down Tiny Bear
The non Podcast Podcast
Flattening Cold
Four into One
And out
With an error code

Coming in January 2020

More Bristol
New Boiler

Half A Beano

29/12/2019 Leave a comment

End of the year burnout, as all I wanted was a haircut and a half day in The Malcolm Uphill. There was a Curry Sale and an Imperial Stout. Mist to start.

Festive Spot

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The dead period between Christmas and the New Year. Some not bad beers around and quietly than normal. The good news, the wings are back at Tiny Rebel Newport. Drizzled.

For Saturday 21/28 December 2019

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Christmas sickness and why I don’t like Christmas. Christmas will be streamed and a mild Christmas. A new decade CES. Live from the Malcolm Uphill #Caerphilly #SaturdayWrap

The Cut Down Tiny Bear

15/12/2019 Leave a comment

It was two weeks before Christmas, it was raining (mostly) and the Tiny Bear was rather wireframe. Christmas is a time for spoiling your favourite brewery’s logo. So save the Tiny Bear. Mostly Pints, Mostly Strong and rather sleepy.

For Saturday 07/14December 2019

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No OK Boomer, an Election, Software Tweaking, Solar Charging and Faster Hotel Internet. An emergency fortnight Saturday Wrap. Live from the Queens Hotel #Newport

20191207 #mb17 Day 04 Wrap

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The last day. Beer brings people together. Beer shares knowledge and Beer comes up with 2020 plans. Thank you Beer. Also Small Bar and The Bristol Beer Emporium #Wrap

DT: Saturday Afternoon Updates

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For the afternoon of Saturday 07 December 2019

Premier League

Rank Team-Manager GW TOT
1 Vidre Dubrovnika! 36 879
Chris Bailey
2 Marching on Together 39 847
Ian Page
3 It’s Raining Mendy 33 818
Gareth Yeo
4 Klump City 11 787
colin liston
5 AI Crypto United 27 780
Roger Nash
6 Ponty Bloooobirds 13 774
Tyrone Olding
7 maximan 13 762
Richard Culliford
8 Deano’s Hero’s 18 759
Dean Parry
9 No Kane No Game 62 758
Niamhy Coveney
10 SMILLER12 17 748
11 Numero Nuno 36 747
Scott Whittingham
12 Saunders Valve 14 743
Dale Parker
13 Occams Eleven 29 712
Mark Begley
14 JudyHeros 23 677
Judith Miller
15 More Picnics… 25 677
Craig Price


Pos Team Total
1 Ponty Bloooobirds 971
Ty Olding
2 He Who Dares Wins 888
Matt Hoskins
3 KILLER12 852
Steve Miller
4 JUDYS9 851
Judith Miller
5 phils 11 810
Phillip Linton
6 Show me da Mane 809
Iwan Hoskins
7 Cwtch me if you can 800
Colin Davies
8 Dyfpool Town 772
Dyfan Thomas
9 Normski 768
Andrew Norman
10 Monkins Machine 746
Christian Morris
11 chmod 777 705
Roger Nash
11 Egg Chasers 2 XI 705
David Morgan
13 Little Black Hen 682
Andrew Norman
14 Renegade Raiders 601
Colin Davies

The 2020 Stillage Plan

08/12/2019 Leave a comment

A mild day for December and you find out that the Commercial Rooms has all the Spoons Festival Ales on Stillage. Then you have too quality plans. Festive Jumpers in the Small Bar and The Bristol Beer Emporium.

20191206 #mb17 Day 03 Wrap

07/12/2019 Leave a comment

It had to rain and it did. A Friday full of Festive Jumpers in December and a Traditional Craft Pub for the afternoon. Lovely #Wrap

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