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Music This Month – July 2012

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What I’m listening to:-

Time stand still – Rush
Resistance – Muse
The Stroke – Billy Squier
Child in time – Deep Purple
Eat my words – Taste

July 2012

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The month of:-

Mr Cooper and his Seagull
Creating an official hashtag
Still raining
Soap and dispensers
Rain, beer and podcasts
Early chips
Summer Onions
O2 down
Swapping mattresses
The end of current
Jon Lord passes
Nexus 7
Paprika crisps and #EB
Mountain Lion
27 million and me
Didn’t happen
No access

Coming in August 2012

Car service

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Cider and Tommy Cooper

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Summer arrives

But how much is petrol?


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In the Willows

With the free Wifi

Summer Cider

15/07/2012 2 comments

No rain

And a cider fest

#BTNB12–The Photos

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Maybe not the sharpest of photos


IMG_5761   IMG_5762
Not a good start to the day   A better start to the day @premierinn
IMG_5763   IMG_5764
Despite the rain, the drink cooling system was fully functional   Thanks to Mrs Rankin for arranging the Danish
IMG_5765   IMG_5767
The Scots were well out in force @brewdog   As to the left @paulwheatley
IMG_5769   IMG_5771
Mr screencastsonline @donmcallister   Mission control in the kitchen
IMG_5775   IMG_5776
@claw0101   @teresahummel closing here eyes and hoping the British rain will go away. @ewenranking on the mike
IMG_5785   IMG_5790
Seggage   Will Green @BritishMac
IMG_5791   IMG_5799
@BritishMac and a um friend?   Rain stopped?
IMG_5801   IMG_5802
Time for mead   Even the washing machine was plugged into the mixer


But I’m blaming the @brewdog

British Tech News Bash 2012

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In the rain

But all over the world

BTN Bash 12 – The Preamble

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Gosh it’s sunny

Amber rain warning for tomorrow

Garden – July 2012

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June was a washout

July is looking like a washout too

A Little One

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July’s first #TSun

And only two beers

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