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The Foggy Start – #mb04

08/04/2017 Leave a comment

The fog before the sun

And the fine ales of course

The Plan #London2016

09/11/2016 Leave a comment

Set up a command post

In The Queens Hotel, Newport


19/07/2012 Leave a comment

In the Willows

With the free Wifi

The Nexus 7 Arrives In Wales

18/07/2012 2 comments

Next day and not next two days


IMG_5806   IMG_5809
The official Google bubble wrap   Goes bang really well.
IMG_5811   IMG_5812
Made in China   The Pure Google back of the box
IMG_5814   IMG_5816
The inner and outer box   Inner box and the Nexus 7 in it’s plastic
IMG_5819   IMG_5821
Guide, power and cable and the front   The black production back
IMG_5822   IMG_5823
Back close up   Yes it’s an Asus


And it was much easier to unbox than in the USA

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